The British eyewear brand you need to start buying from!

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As someone who wears glasses regularly, you are well aware that glasses not only correct vision but also serve as fashion accessories. But has it ever occurred to you that you don’t buy designer glasses as readily as clothes? Most of us only own a single pair that gets replaced only when it’s broken.

And with 2020 half gone, it is time we change this. With social distancing becoming a habit, most of us should be equipped with a few pairs of glasses for serving in emergencies as well as fashion accessories. Because let’s face it, all of us have thought of owning a dozen pairs of glasses and sunglasses at one point in time.

But there has always been one thing stopping us- the exorbitant prices which are just too high for our savings. And that’s why we don’t even want to look at the designer glasses men’s section on most eyewear retailer websites.

And if you wear prescribed glasses, you may have wondered which British eyewear brand provides the best value for money! We know the one that you may want to try. I know the feeling and that’s why I am telling you today about a special British eyewear brand that started somewhere in Manchester and offers all you look for in a pair of glasses.

And I am not advertising this British eyewear brand blindly, because hey, all 5.0 reviews on Trustpilot do mean something!

The idea for this brand came when a university student broke his glasses a day before the exam. Anxious and frustrated, he went to the nearest optician to get his glasses fixed. And you can only imagine how he would have felt when he came to know that his glasses could only be repaired till the next week and of course, the cost would be high (of course much higher than the amount any student can pay).

And lo, the journey began! The idea won an Albert Guay award in October 2017 and the first store was set-up and another store opened up a little while later. And somewhere down the line, this British eyewear brand also began selling glasses online and won the Venture Further Award in 2018.

But the aim of this British eyewear brand was different; it was to make buying new glasses a common practice as is the case with clothes! And slowly the idea came together, in the best way possible–through Specscart. Yes, this British eyewear brand is the solution to all your woes. Why?

Let me answer this question for you:

  • Fully-loaded glasses from £25

Yes, it is true and not a hoax! Buying from Specscart’s in-house brands – Tom Archer and Marc Fabien means you can buy designer glasses with quirky designs at a very affordable price.

  • Free shipping with a 24-hour dispatch service

Specscart is that British eyewear brand which ships all of its glasses-free of cost! If you order glasses with simple prescriptions from Specscart, you can be assured that your glasses will be dispatched within twenty-four hours of ordering.

  • Additional lens coatings at a minimal price

Lenses with blue light protection coatings and transitions lenses (that change color in the sun) are available for a very minimal charge if you’re buying from Specscart.

  • 30-day returns with no questions asked!

If you are not satisfied with your glasses from Specscart, you can always return them within a month.

  • Free home-trial for 4 frames at a time!

Like a frame on Specscart? You can order it along with 3 more to try at home for a week. And whichever glasses designer glasses women in your house love, you can order it

If these don’t sound like the best British eyewear brand, I don’t know what will!