Technical SEO checklist

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Blogging is one of the most prevalent and passive income generations formulae for all the people who want to earn income from different sources with less work. As people are creating multiple websites as an authority website on different niches and also for accepting guest post purposes. But they are majorly forgetting the most important ranking and user experience factor that other people neglect. Let’s dwell in this to understand the technical SEO checklist which must be given more importance for improving the user experience.

User experience is one of the most prime factors of being prioritized by your competitors and this all can be done after following this simple checklist. Let’s have a look of all this-

Basic technical checklist which must be followed by everyone

Identify crawl errors in your console

Here console is a tool that is developed by Google LLC to provide ease to the webmasters to know the exact position on SERPs and is also helpful in crawling and indexing fast of your webpage. But what if it is showing crawling error?

This is one of the major errors that needs to get fixed as soon as possible. You can find these crawling error issue in the coverage section.

Sites loading time

This is also an important technical error that shows a bad signal to the google bots and may also decrease your ranking due to which there is less chance to be get converted if you are selling something from your website. But if you are already ranking high and have less loading time then there may be more chance that you are having high bounce rate that gives a direct signal to the google that this website is less relevant to the desired results.

Fix all the outbound broken links

Fixing the out bond broken links helps in two ways one they are helpful in eradicating the 404 errors which will improve the user experience and if you are removing other websites 404 errors then there might be likely more chances that they may link back you.

Furthermore, if you are checking and removing all the 404 error then you must also check the internal linking also as if there is any link then you are losing some amount link juice from your website. This also decreases your user experience which is a bad signal to Google.  

Enable your site must be mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendliness is also an important ranking factor as after google has rolled Mobilegeddon update it gives more priority to those websites that are easily openable on the mobile.

As nearly 50% of searches are done on the mobile so because of which google more gives more priority to those websites that are easily openable on mobile. So always test that your website must be mobile-friendly and can be easily open on mobile and tablet devices.

Switch to HTTPs

This is also one of the important factors as and when Google starts positioning someone’s website on its SERP’s as it gives more priority to those websites that are having a secured domain address. But then also more than 80% of websites are not using https in their domain but then also google advice that it is one of the major ranking factors. And it is also more important when you are having an e-commerce store and asking for a password and payments, that is not important but a must-have thing.

Fix duplicate content

Duplicate content is a serious cause when you are having similar pages for being ranked on Google. These issues generally come when you are having an e-commerce store and use your product description. You can fix these issues by canonicalizing duplicate pages with the master one.

Here I have written a whole description of how to sort out your technical errors and fix it to get better results.


Here I have written the whole description for fixing the problems of technical errors that you are facing while interacting with these issues. And if you want to rank higher in the search results then you must fix all these technical errors.