Can Rugs Go On Carpet?

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Now that it is summer and we are very much into the house cleaning game, it is time to think about all of those can rugs that we have. What about putting them on the carpet? You do not have to be a rug designer to know that you can clean can rugs with a […]

Why You Should Choose a Carpet in the Bedroom?

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If you want to give it a tidy look, then why not consider investing in a carpet in the bedroom? It will leave your room looking more professional and more comfortable. Think about how your room looks without a carpet. Then when you walk into the room, it seems disheveled and dirty – which doesn’t […]

How to cut the carpet in elegant ways?

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So, you want to know how to cut the carpet in Dubai. Or, in other words, how to add an inch or two to your workspace without actually breaking the bank? Well, read on to find out what I’ve got to offer. Important clues while cut the carpet for your space The first thing to […]