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In this fast-paced world, everybody seems to be running after some unattainable goal. People often get exhausted living the glossy outer facade forgetting the value of life itself. The self-help industry and enlightenment gurus often provide people with a quick fix that hardly works in reality. To have a long-lasting sense of peace, follow these mantras and attain enlightenment. 

Meditate: There is no alternate way to meditation. This ancient practice is undoubtedly the best remedy for a turbulent mind. Consistency is the key when practicing meditation for beginners.  

  • Select a definite spot for your meditation practice. It can be a garden area, a corner of the room or the rooftop. Make sure the place is open and airy. Practice meditating twice a day for five minutes at a time. This process will be the beginning stage of your mediation, and as times go by, you will increase the time frame. 
  • If you feel comfortable sharing your journey, you may ask for someone to meditate with you. Your meditation buddies can come over, and all of you may sit in peace, practicing calmness of mind. 

Figure your Emotions: You have been through a lot, and it starts taking a toll on you. At times, people fail to process their sadness, and they put on a happy face for the world. Whether it is heartbreak or losing a loved one, you need to locate the cause of depression and start the process of healing. 

  • Consult a psychologist to know more about the medical aspect of depression. Therapy can do wonders for people as they start living a health-conscious life again. 
  • Learn to let go of past events and people that hurt you. The longer you hold on to the bitter memories, the more it will hurt you in the long run. Maybe it is time to forgive and forget. 

Try new Things: You cannot let go of earthly pleasure to be peaceful; things do not work that way. Suffering is not the answer to peace. Instead, you must stay in the present moment and enjoy the bliss that life has to offer fully to lead an enlightened life. 

  • Go on an adventure vacation with a buddy and explore nature. Do all the things that you always wanted to do but never did. Do not let age be a barrier to your wild adventure. If you are young at heart, then that’s all there’s to it. 
  • While you are walking on the white sandy beach on a moonlit night, you feel alive again. There is nothing better than enjoying the serene beauty with your friends, with a blunt between your fingers. If you want to make a safe purchase, visit to get the weed edibles and different strains. 

Good things come to those who know how to be grateful for what they already have. Gratitude is one of the many lessons you will learn on the road to self-discovery. Always greet the new day with a smile and let the world know that you are ready to whatever life throws at you.