Start earning from home with simple copy paste and Ad posting jobs

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Are you looking to work from home at your convenient time and earn a higher income? Then copy paste jobs and Ad posting jobs are the best options. The best aspect of both these jobs is to sit for just two or three hours a day. The user just requires knowledge of surfing the net, a good internet connection, and Basic English skill. Let’s run through a few details about copy paste jobs and Ad posting jobs.

Copy-paste jobs

For ones looking for online jobs without investment, then copy paste jobs are an easy data entry job. The user just needs to spend two to three hours for earning additional income from home. Being a non-technical job, experience, and in-depth educational qualification isn’t mandatory.

This job involves copying and pasting data or information from files to file such as from excels to spreadsheets or spreadsheets to spreadsheets etc. Data varies in all postings; few examples of data are phone numbers, names, home addresses, email addresses, etc. Copy-paste jobs might seem simple but remember there are hundreds of documents as target per day.

There are offline as well as online copy paste jobs. In an offline mode, the copying and pasting are complete and then sent to the company. In an online mode, pasting the text directly into the company website is mandatory. The assignments are to be complete within a fixed period.

Ad posting jobs

Ad posting is a very simple job of posting ads on various forums, blogs, and classified websites. There are ample ad posting companies online and after registering with the companies, the user receives an id and password. Few companies provide complete details such as the classified list of websites, advertising matters, and instructions along with demon training too.

With complete instructions, the user copies and pastes according to the instructions provided. Being an easy and simple work, every ad post receives payment. There isn’t any limit for posting ads and the user could also continue as a full-time job. Being a mass business on the internet, ad posting is gaining ground as they are partners with many companies and websites. Hence advertising projects are gaining good payouts.

Advantages of copy-pasting and Ad posting

  • Working at convenient timings from the comfort of home.
  • Very simple and easy copy paste jobs for students, retired individuals, homemakers, part-timers, etc.
  • Earning from these jobs has no limit, hence more work more money.
  • With basic typing and internet skills, the user can work from anywhere across the globe.


Copy-paste jobs and Ad posting jobs are found on many job portals such as monster, indeed, etc. Also, research classified sites for more search results. The best way is to apply through websites or contact the organizations directly. It is good to inquire about registration fees and also research the contact details of people working for the organization. Their reviews reveal the trust factor of the organization. Research the sites, get to know the plans, and start earning today.