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Sports Toto Korea (CEO Kim Yong-min), the trustee of Sports Toto, a sports betting ticket issued by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, delivered a message to root out illegal sports gambling. The only legal sports betting in Korea is Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting ticket, and Batman, an official Internet release site( . In addition, similar websites and activities to be released are considered illegal, and if caught, they will be punished under the National Sports Promotion Act.

 Enjoy Toto Site Properly Sports Toto and Toto sites should be used properly. As the illegal operation of Sports Toto private Toto sites increases rapidly, the number of Toto users who are addicted to gambling is increasing rapidly. First of all, you should only use Batman, a legal Toto site that does not violate Korean law. Unlike the existing Batman Toto site, the private Toto site only has a much higher limit on the betting amount, so it attracts Toto members with a fast exchange system and operates it illegally. This often leads to the loss of billions and tens of billions of billions and billions. Sports Toto is a sports culture that you should enjoy soundly. Please do not make excessive bets to the extent that it will interfere with your life. Betman Toto site has a betting limit of up to 100,000 won per round, so there is a betting limit on bets than private Toto site, but the gambling addiction phenomenon that can damage my life will be much better, and you can use Toto site that you can enjoy, not Toto Batting due to addiction. You are someone’s precious child and parent. The damage from using the private Toto site will be all up to you and your family. Let’s create a healthy sports Toto culture that we always enjoy with family and friends using the legal Toto site, Batman. Go to see the Toto Terminology Organization