Some Top Class Cartoons Featuring On the Netflix

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All right! Howdy! Now that we’ve talked about some of the bad Netflix cartoons, let’s discuss the animation that ?????? pushes the envelope of streaming television with creative ideas, stylized designs, complex characters, and gripping stories. So this is what I consider the top six best Netflix cartoons. Here we go! Number s– (squish) all right! I was really looking forward to checking out this Netflix DreamWorks series. I really enjoyed the original How to Train Your Dragon movies. You can view some good cartoons on cartoon crazy and all the alternative websites.

I like the diplomatic nature of the main character Hiccup, smart writing, and breath taking scenery. And I was not disappointed with the Netflix series. Dragon is a fantastic example of flash ??? substance. We don’t often see the main characters like Hiccup. He’s not a cliched rambunctious teenager. He’s calm, controlled, disciplined, and wise, but still a very forward person who makes mistakes. I honestly don’t feel like Hiccup fits into any particular stereotype or cliche. He feels like a very real young man. (Hiccup) Oh no. (splat) I admire how DreamWorks tried something completely different here to what they’d normally do with their movies. 

Unlike Shrek, Shark Tale, Shrek 2, Trolls, Shrek 3, 4, 5, you get the point. I don’t feel like I’m watching a celebrity voice actor just push cheap jokes on me amidst every cliche pop song they can fit. There’s this real sense of wonder and mystery to the dragon world that actually immerses me without that constant need to give obnoxious winks to the camera all the way through. And the ambiance of the sound and music! Jeebus! You know when that explosion sound is so convincing that you can feel it rumbling in your gut? It’s just… breath taking! There is no good versus evil or easy choices in this. It’s very much like real life where there is rarely right choices, only careful weighing about which choice will cause the least harm. 

Even if you’re not planning to watch the entire series, check out the first four minutes of Dragons to at least see how breath taking a Netflix cartoon can be. And for number– (squish) Damn, this one has got a beautiful color scheme! It’s got likable characters and doesn’t contain some of the traditional eye-roll Japanimation cliches like [?]. I love the colors, I love the character design, there’s a sense of traditional Disney subtly blended into Little Witch Academia. For anyone who enjoys some Japanimation, I also definitely recommend this one. And the fourth-best Net– (squish) Cinematic, atmospheric, beautiful voice acting! – ???? ???? ??? ????? – Satan! – ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ?? ?????! This is a gothic, dark, but compelling piece of art. But just a warning ahead, this one is ?????????? for over 18s only. It’s heavy, Gorey, and very bloody. 

We follow the adventures of Trevor Belmont based on the Castlevania 2 video game from 1989. After Dracula’s wife is burned at the stake by religious zealots, Dracula casts his revenge on the town! A ???? bloody, horrific mass genocide revenge on the innocents. So reluctant demon hunter Trevor sets out to wipe out Dracula and his forces of evil! (PowerPuff Girls theme) Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Trevor is smooth and smarmy and reluctantly helps out in towns he goes to, knowing without fail that wherever he goes, everyone and everything will want to kill him. (Trevor) I realize you’re trying to menacingly abduct me, but I’m excommunicated. -You can probably tell just by looking, the art design is beautiful! With a dark but aesthetically stunning gothic twist. 

This is the kind of voice acting that isn’t just good, it’s the kind that sends shivers down my spine, it’s so good! -?? ??? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ??? ???? ????. ???? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ????? ??? ??? ???????. ???? ??? ??, ??? ?? ??? ???? ????. -There’s drama, questions about morality, and a very healthy questioning of the church and the Vatican. But again, this one is ?????????? not for under 18s or more sensitive viewers. So if you’re anything like me and a bit squeamish, it may be tough for you to stomach some of the slaughter scenes. And believe me, there’s a few. But it’s grotesque for a reason. People will lose their eyes. They’ll be decapitation, genocide, you name it. 

But it’s to assist in selling the urgency and heaviness of Trevor’s story. Castlevania is a cartoon that was not just about money, it was about creating a memorable, artistic, beautiful piece of animation. And the third– (squish) – Woah. Jeebus, another DreamWorks cartoon! DreamWorks is owning the Netflix market. This time they’ve got two of the creators from Avatar and Legend of Korra on their team, including Joaquim Dos Santos, the director ??? producer of both Avatar and Legend of Korra. The result: Voltron Legendary Defender. Interstellar madness mixed with Japanese animation and a definite Avatar feels thrown in. And while I’m not normally a big fan of mecha anime, the creators really get it right in this one. There’s a real weight to the movement of the mechas, and they feel massive! Like they shake the ground with thunder on every step. It’s quite intense to behold. 

I never watched Voltron before, but the comedy is good, the action is strong! As far as remakes go, this really blew me away. I tend to draw comparisons when I watch this to Avatar because the comedy, story, animation, and overall structure, like Avatar, is very inspired by Japan. The story, well, there’s a plethora of lore and backstory behind this one. But essentially, five teenage space pilots in the military training stumble upon the mecha known as Blue Lion and get caught up fighting in the Galran war. While at first, they use the Blue Lion mecha to fight back, they eventually each get their own mecha lions to form Voltron – Form Voltron! …to fight the sinister and dark Emperor Zarkon.

All that good stuff. And while I personally prefered Legend of Korra, this felt like an epic sci-fi action fantasy! You can tell the creators really put their hearts into this one. Showing that deep affection for Japan, but also acknowledgement of their Western roots. It’s very aesthetically pleasing that way. Voltron to me feels like Power Rangers/Avatar, which is a combination that suprisingly works really well. And the second best Netflix– (squish) Perfect ambient lighting, a really likable, believable main character, a beautiful soundtrack, a strong sense of mystique, gorgeous scenery, jeebus this series was strong! In this world, trolls live secretly underneath our own. 

And our 15-year-old hero Jack finds an amulet which transforms him into the mystical troll hunter! Allowing him to protect trolls from dark trolls. – Uhhhh nope. Assisted by his guides Blinky and AARRRGH. No, I didn’t just step on a tack. That’s the actual name of the second troll. AARRRGH. Interestingly, the main troll’s voiced by Kelsey Grammar who fits the grandiose role perfectly and gives a nice, satisfying, hammy performance. Like we’d expect from Side Show Bob. (Blinky) This is the world you are bound to protect. This is Hearthstone Trollmarket! -I found Jack a little bit like Hiccup, in that he’s socially responsible, over-giving, but still acts young and relatively believable. 

And I found myself cheering him on. I was blown away by the sense of ??????? and ???????? to Trollhunters. Every episode, I was left itching to see what happened next. The battle scenes, the mystery, the enjoyable characters! DreamWorks really gave Trollhunter a strong sense of style and every episode leaves on a strong cliffhanger. A round of applause to Netflix and DreamWorks for this one. Trollhunters feels like a fresh, original triumph of animation in the new age of streaming television. And I still think the number one best– (squish) Some people probably knew I’d pick this for number one, and I can’t help it. To me it just remains the best. And this isn’t just ?? favorite Netflix show. 

This is also the CEO of Netflix’ favorite, too. And there’s a reason for that. Since I’ve already talked about the sheer intensity, beauty, emotional resonance, and unforgettable drama of Bojack, I decided I’ll focus on the fourth season and how it continues to create a new golden standard for adult animation. The fourth season of Bojack remains ruthlessly blunt but deeply profound. It expands on each character, on Bojack’s history where some of his trauma and habits originated from. And the entire season is like a slowly building mystery filled with terror, dread, tragedy, and comedy. Bojack’s sis- uh, daughter, Hollyhock is a welcome edition to the series. She’s lazy like Bojack, but good-hearted and earnest. 

Really feeling like an actual modern teenager that Bojack clumsily tries to help and father throughout the season. As it progresses, we get the usual funny commentaries on celebrities, politicians, Hollywood-relationships, you name it. All while echoes of an eerie, disturbing past of tragedy resonate through Bojack as he uncovers his family’s history and tries to track down Hollyhock’s mother, and all the fear and trauma of Bojack’s past begins to built up originating in one single event that destroyed Bojack’s family leaving generations of trauma and abuse in its wake: the lobotomy on Bojack’s grandmother. 

– Uhhhh… Okay, think, idiot! – All orchestrated and exacerbated by one evil, ruthless man: Bojack’s grandfather. And Bojack’s fundamental goal is to fight to win that cycle of generational trauma at him. To be a good role model to Hollyhock, to just be able to enjoy his day, to like himself, to not furthur punish the victims of the past, but to accept them as they are now. Bojack is a series I can look back on not just months later, but years later, and still feel crushed or moved by a particular scene or an entire episode. And with each new season, it surprises me with new concepts, twists, clever story arcs, and comedy. And I personally think it remains the absolute best Netflix cartoon. – What a fun adventure this all is. – You know what ?? fun? You coming with me to the first day of my new show. – It really is refreshing to see such a wide array of creative modern cartoons like these with so much effort put into them. And so far, they’re actually the majority of Netflix animated originals. While streaming animation is still in its early stages, it’s off to a great start, giving birth to a new form of direct stream entertainment with a high television standard of quality that simply didn’t exist in animation twenty years ago. And I think it shows we got a lot more great animation to look forward to in the future.