Some Tips for Making Stylish Candle Boxes For Sale

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Candle boxes are an essential part of every household, office, church, a birthday party, or a restaurant that offers candlelight dinner. They are used to keep delicate candles safe and protected from all types of natural as well as man-made hazards that might be a cause to compromise their shape or design. These boxes are made with highly durable and resilient materials that include cardboard stock, corrugated cardboard stock, and kraft stock. Their customizable nature makes it easier for the manufacturers to get them made in any size, shape, design, manufacturing material, and finishing style. Since candles are not the same in size, shape, and manufacturing materials, they need a specific type of packaging. These boxes are considered the best in this regard as they can perfectly fulfill the product’s requirements in terms of size, shape, manufacturing material, and finishing style.

Candles are a common practice of decorating hotel rooms or specific areas such as spas and restaurants. The use of their aromatic nature gives a romantic and stylish look to a room in which they are placed. To get the attention of potential customers toward these scented items, candle boxes make visually attractive. Let us share some tips to make them more stylish to lure clients;

Use some laminations or finishes.

One easy way to revamp the ordinary look of candle boxes the wholesale UK is to use some laminations or finishes. Both of these techniques work differently. Lamination is not visually seen, but it helps to give a waterproof and smooth finishing touch to the surface. It is a thin plastic coating that is applied to their panels to increase their resistance capabilities. Finishes, on the other hand, gives out different outcomes. Depending upon your specific need, you can use a gloss or matte finish to make a packaging long-lasting. If you want to have a decent and sophisticated look, use a matte finish to give a dull feel and look of a pack. A gloss finish will make candle boxes appear more exciting with its silky textural feel. To make things a bit ahead, use spot-UV that combines the effects of both these finishes to give a different appearance to the packaging.

Try some embossing

To give a three-dimensional effect on a printed design of candle packaging try using embossing technique on them. They will require a special kind of dye that is used with high pressure to give a unique look.

You can use this embossing technique in a plain color, or you can use it with four-color printing to enhance the visual features of a product that is packed in them. You can either print some images or text on candle boxes packaging by using this designing technique.

Attractive looks with die-cut

To make any packed products look more visually appealing, use the die-cut design technique. They are used to improve the functionality and look of a candle box packaging with aromatic and ordinary candles packed in them. You can design any particular image or letters to lets these boxes allow you to protect candles from dust while displaying them with a business message of high-quality.

Designs that are unique and distinctive

Every candle boxes manufacturers are providing a wide range of their effective products in the market. Customers want to see something different and unique from their providers. To make your company different from others, design these boxes in any irregular shape, size, or design to stay unique in the competitive market. There is a wide range of styling options available for you. For instance, you can use a sleeve, handle, tuck-end, biodegradable boxes, etc. to grab your clients’ attention. In addition to these, other techniques can be used to make exclusive and distinctive designs.

Try using die-cutting, raised ink patterns, coatings, or metalized printing to make these packs look more prominent from others. These styling options and printing techniques are extended to promote your brand to the fullest. For almost every event, whether it is a birthday party, a special occasion, a wedding ceremony, or festivity, candles surely make excellent present options. Custom printed candle boxes can be printed using gold or silver foiling or metalized printing in different designs or colors as per your choice.

Different styles for innovative feel

Instead of using the same old styled wholesale candle boxes, try different styles to give your clients an innovative feel. You can use two-piece packaging boxes. They have two parts one as a tray and the other to work as a closure lid. You can put your candles in the dish and then cover it with the lid to pack it securely. You can use them to make your brand stand out in the market by displaying their appealing nature in the store. Another odd and fantastic style of a box that you can use as your candle packaging is a pyramid-style pack. You can make its shape in the form of a pyramid that will have a unique opening to capture the shoppers’ interest. These boxes will open just like the explosion gift boxes by safely packing your candles in these awesome packaging boxes. You can more embellish candle box wholesale by adding different features such as handles or ribbons to make them look more lovely. Their satisfaction will encourage them to share their experience with others to motivate them to buy your products.

Using reliable and robust packaging boxes will help you make sure that your goods reach the consumers in their best form. When they receive your enticing candles inside some spectacular looking boxes, they will turn to be your loyal customers. Try any of our tips mentioned above to make your candle packaging supplies wholesale appear more attentive and to create a delightful and satisfying feel within your clients.