Rise Of Fallen: Bards And Necromancers In Pantheon

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If you’re looking forward to playing a bard or a necromancer in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, I have some news for you. This is BazgrimTV. Learn. Laugh. Level Up. For a while now, it’s been known among the Pantheon community that the bard and necromancer classes would be available to play at some point. We didn’t know if that would be at launch or after launch.  But the devs had confirmed that it would be coming eventually. They even went as far as determining what races would be able to play those classes. Read- Necromancer Names

But I knew people wanted more than that. So when I was at PAX East in 2018, I had the opportunity to ask Pantheon’s creative director Chris “Joppa” Perkins what the status was on those beloved classes: “That’s interesting though that the enchanter is the only crowd control class in the game right? Because every other role there’s three or four classes in each, but the enchanter is– if somebody needs crowd control, they need to go to an enchanter?” “Well,I’ll go ahead and say that there is another class that would fill that role and that would be the Bard. And just to kind of make make the soft announcement, it is something that I feel confident from my perspective that we will be able to have the bard in by launch.” 

“There you go. Yeah, interesting. I’m sure there’s lots of people that are excited to hear that.” “I hope so. I think I heard faint shout of joy somewhere… So we definitely hear everyone and we know that it’s not only the bard, but also the necro that’s a very highly anticipated class. So we are wanting as well to get that in, but it’s going to depend on how quickly we finish the current classes and the bard. And necro just happened to be the next one in line. So if we can get it in, we will. Read- Badass Necromancer Names

If we can’t by launch, then we’ll be getting it in as soon after as we can.” Now that was a really exciting news and that excitement spread fast. But by now, that was a while ago and you never know what things might change in game development.So when Joppa was on the Pantheon Plus You show late last week, Minus took that opportunity to follow up on his original statement at PAX and dig a little deeper to see where the bard and necro are currently in 2020. 

“I am every bit as confident now as I was then.” “Awesome, that’s huge. I think he just made the community really happy. There the two questions I had about Bard and necro. Am I right in saying that that bard’s being built as a support class that’s gonna be a different support than an enchanter, but that the ideology, the theory, the on paper bard, that it’s gonna fill a different type of support role. Is that where you’re aiming for Bard?””Yep definitely very support heavy. Read- Good Necromancer Names

They would probably fit into the control arche type in terms of the kind of crowd control capabilities they’re gonna have. And interestingly enough, the necromancer will as well.” “That was my next question, so you jumped right into that. Okay, so both support classes.So again, high level enchanter, necro, bard – what are the ideological differences in the way they’re gonna support, that you can envision?” “Well so when I said the necros, I was speaking more to the control, not necessarily the support. 

The necro is going to be more like the Dire Lord, kind of a selfish class, which I think is kind of what we would expect. Not to say there’s not going to be some support or utility oriented abilities, which they absolutely will have. But you can kind of put the necro in because there are still some DP Selements to that class as well, and I would say even more so than the Bard for sure in terms of their ability to do damage, especially if we’re talking about undead and other types of entities. I’d like to see it extend beyond undead. 

But… trying to try to navigate here.” “No, no, it’s fine.” “It’s a great question. I think one of the things we we love about the bard is the idea of it doesn’t matter what group it is, it doesn’t matter what the class make up is, the bard is just always good to have. They’re able to benefit just about any type of class andany type of gameplay element and I think that’s ultimately where the jack-of-all-trades idea came from. 

Because they certainly didn’t feel like a jack-of-all-trades in EQ in terms of they can’t heal very well, there’s certain things they can’t do very well, but what they could do very well is fit and adapt and kind of almost morph into this perfectly fitting enhancer. And I don’t mean that to be a disparaging thing, because that was one of my favorite classes. And when I say enhancer or an amplifier, it gets pretty powerful when you’re both able to enhance your group and debuff pretty heavily as well and control.”