Revolutionized Your Pest Control Method with Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

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Are you also facing roach infesting problems? Are you tired of using old methods and bait sprays for killing roaches? If yes then you are landed in the right place. Here we will discuss one of the bestcockroach gel bait that has taken a top spot in the market. The solutions of your all problems are no longer far away from you.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait  

This is a modern era so why are we using old methods to get rid of problems. Nowadays, pollution and dirt in our surroundings are increasing so as pests. Roaches are one of the cringe and nasty species and it is difficult to get rid of them without proper supplies. Advion cockroach gel bait is providing you a modern method of targeting all prevailing species of roaches cockroaches removal service.

Key Features of Advion

  • Featuring a high-consumption bait matrix that contains the non-repellent formulation
  • Advion is labeled for both indoor and outdoor areas
  • The gel bait is suitable for commercial, residential and industrial areas
  • Advion cockroach gel supplies speed and spectrum in one single product
  • The unique formulation is offering superior control over the toughest population of roaches
  • The package of Advion contains 1 tip, 1 plunger, and 1 tube
  • High potent bait matrix works on delay mortality strategy
  • Advion cockroach gel targets American, Asian, German, Brown, Oriental, Smoky-brown, and Brown-banded roaches.

How effective is Advion Cockroach Killing Gel?

To be very honest, every major gel bait product effectively kills roaches. The only difference is that they are formulated differently and contain different active ingredients.  The working time of roach gel bait depends on its working strategy. Advion cockroach gel contains high-consumption and deadly potent that works on a delay mortality strategy.

The brief delay in the activation of this Advion cockroach gel bait is due to the 0.6% active ingredient ‘Indoxacarb” that allows the cockroaches to consume a lethal dose of potent. The infect cockroaches can transfer this poison into 40 other cockroaches through a different way of contacting, touching feces, and other roaches feeding on a poisoned carcass.

Delivering Speed & 100% Results in a single application

Advion cockroach gel bait with its active ingredient “Indoxacarb” is worth looking at. Not because it attacks the roaches effectively as compared to other ingredients but because it can even cut down the infestation of German Roaches.

Many expert pest control exterminating agencies are using Advion gel as a major roach killing tool. So, Advion is not only high-performing bait but it is also an excellent roach killing product to give a try.

Evolutionary Rotational Strategy for Excellent Results

 Cockroaches are crafty and they can adapt quickly that is why it is essential to rotate your gel bait. The tempting ability of Advion gel becomes less after week 2 or 3. So, refilling is the best option to maintain potential aversion and resistance. Evolutionary Advion with its Optigard formulation can be used as a 3-month recommended rotational strategy. Advion cockroach killing gel bait comes in a solid and it can last up to 1 year after being unsealed. So, you are going to have longer control over the infestation of roaches.

Best way to use Advion cockroach gel bait in your house

A little drop will go a long way when you are using Advion gel bait. Here, we are not talking about the spoonful of this formulation. A little pea-sized drop or 0.5grams of Advion cockroach gel bait is enough for gaining the attention of roaches. You have to apply a different amount of Advion gel for a low, moderate, and heavy infestation of roaches.

  1. 1 to 3 drops of Advion cockroach killing gel across 10 linear feet are enough for low/moderate infestation
  2. For heavy infestation, apply 5 drops of gel bait across 10 linear feet

Moreover, Advion gel bait comes in a tube with a thinner tip that allows you to reach various hidden places such as cracks & crevices, holes, and the sides of the cabinets.

Get one for yourself in Dubai

Easy shopping is the shopping platform in the UAE that is providing Advion cockroach gel Sharjah at a discount price. It is the best time to order one from you and get your product at your doorsteps.