Religious Significance of Antique Lighting & The Candle

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Light represents both the absence of darkness and the presence of enlightenment to assist in the perception of vision. Enlightenment is reflected in a state of mind as well. It is the reason why enlightenment is another way of referring to wisdom.

There are more than 4,300 religions in the world. The practices of one religion are completely different from another. But there is one common factor in almost all of the majority of religions of the world. They all hold the candle sacred.


Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world according to the population. There was a time when Christians would use candles instead of antique lighting to light up their Christmas tree. The practice is on the decline due to the possibility of accidents. A lighted candle represents Christ.

One of the first creations of God the Father was light. The Light was the first blessing God the Father gave This World. The light is a manifestation of His Essence. Without light, we would not be able to see God the Father’s Creation of this world at all.

From the time Creation originated, the idea of light and candles is a representation of the first spark of life. This is why the idea of love, life, and all that is in this world is represented by a candle. Ceremonial candles are a representation of God the Father and the beginning of existence.

A Christmas tree is adorned with a candle at the top. Christians baptize their young children with a candle. Once a baptism is complete, the remnants of the Original Sin are washed away to achieve purity. Similarly, the Easter candle marks the beginning of the Easter Vigil.

Votive candles, the candle of the Tabernacle, Advent candles, and Candlemas candles all signify the importance of candles in Christianity.


Candles are a remembrance of God’s Divine Presence. A candle is a representation of joy, honor, and peace in Judaism. Jews believe that the flame of a candle represents the soul. Just as the flame itself is delicate and can be blown away easily, similarly the human soul is delicate.

Just as humans need to breathe, adapt, grow, and fight against all the conditions in their life. The flame of a candle must do the same if the candle is to remain lit. The flickering flame helps remind Jews that life is precious. A Shabbat candle is lit in every Jewish home or synagogue on a Friday afternoon before sunset.


According to Buddha, a single candle can light many different candles. After having passed on light to so many different candles the light of the original candle will not be shortened in any way. According to Buddha, happiness, joy, and pleasure only increase if they are shared, just like the flame of a candle.

Buddhists perform a form of candle meditation. They light up a candle in the middle of the room. Some Buddhists prefer that the color of the candle is either blue or white, but you can use any color.

Try to concentrate on just the flame of the candle, nothing else. Let your concentration and focus penetrate your mind. You will notice that all of your worries will subside. All of the matters of your life will seem trivial and the light will penetrate your soul.