Reconditioning methods for all types of batteries

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The present generation and the present era belongs to a community of people who need instant results. But, they believe in saving too. If they like any idea where they can save their preciously earned money, they stick to the idea and publicize the same in their mutual groups. 

Usually, we see that once the batteries viz., phone batteries, laptop batteries, car batteries, etc. stop working, we just move out to purchase a new battery and throw the old stopped one. But do you know that there is a possibility of reutilizing the same battery by just following an easy battery reconditioning method? This method can save your hard-earned money. Also, it will add information in your knowledge bank that will be useful in any future instance.

Yes, you heard it right. There is a way to recondition your stopped battery and the battery starts working again. Don’t get confused between reconditioning and recharging. Reconditioning simply means bringing back the stopped battery to the working condition. These stopped batteries don’t even recharge.

Before learning the reconditioning method, there are a few precautionary measures that you need to take while reconditioning the old batteries. You need to handle these batteries with care as it contains fatal acids that may affect you physically. 

In order to understand the reconditioning method of the batteries, you first need to know the types of batteries that are available in the market.

Types of batteries

  • Car Batteries – Various electronic devices like car headlights, radio, automatic locks, etc. work on car batteries. These car batteries at times can create panic situations when they stop working.

Engineers do try and restart the functioning of the batteries by attaching a jumper, starting the car and reattaching the stopped battery. But this method is an older one and might not work in every case. Reconditioning works always (as per previous experiments)

  • Li-ion Batteries – Li-ion batteries are small in size and are used in many portable devices viz., Laptop battery. Usually, these batteries have a lifecycle of 100 cycles where you can charge it 100 times and till that time it works normally. Post 100 cycles, it starts deteriorating and the battery life starts reducing. 
  • Rechargeable Batteries – These batteries are the new generation batteries. There are two types of rechargeable batteries that are available namely Nickel-Cadmium battery (Ni-Cd) and Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (Ni-MH). 

Generally, Ni-MH batteries have a longer duration of life as compared to Ni-Cd batteries. But both the batteries do have some lifespan after which they stop working. But they can be reconditioned using the banjig EZ battery reconditioning method

We hope now you have a good understanding of the types of batteries. But does all these batteries hold a chance to be reconditioned? Can they be used again after they stop working? 

This brings us to the important topic i.e. reconditioning method that we can use to restart the working of these batteries afresh.

Best and Easy Battery Reconditioning Method 

There are a number of ways used for reconditioning the old batteries. Not all the methods work for all the batteries. It depends on the way you recondition the batteries. 

One such method is to use hardware tools manually to recondition the old batteries. We have seen many individuals who opt to develop new devices to recondition old batteries.

But the best way is to keep the battery inside the freezer overnight. Later, once it passes the overnight experiment, it takes a minimum of 3 cycles. This means after 3 cycles, the battery starts working again.  

There are many other easy battery reconditioning methods that you may find in a guide published by Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson. You may find additional information about the authors and guide written by them on Banjig.

Summing Up

Batteries are bound to fail and stop working. But you should not lose hope. You just need to understand that batteries are meant to degrade by time. But instead of getting frustrated, it is suggested to go through some operations that might help the batteries to start working again.

You can search for different options available in the guide EZ Battery Reconditioning Methods and regain the accuracy of the stopped batteries.