Reasons Why You Need A Home Inspection On A Newly Constructed Home

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Well, here is a hard fact, just because you made or bought a new home doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Swallowing up this single chunk of information is daunting. One can hardly imagine any imperfection in a home when it is newly constructed.

 In fact, most of the home buyers look for newly constructed houses so they can cut down the hassle of repairs and replacements. Home experts suggest that there is a possibility of imperfections.

At first, you need to accept this. Once you have fully comprehended the existence of this fact, it is easy to look into the solutions. The good thing about all this scenario is that there are people who can inspect your home at affordable prices.

If you have recently had a new home constructed for yourself or bought one, you should always hire professionals for a home inspection in Alpharetta GA.

 Here are 5 good reasons to invest your money and time!

1. Newly Constructed Homes Have Structural Issues

A newly constructed home may not have any cosmetic issues but it can have all sorts of structural problems. Building a home is a complex process and various things can go wrong along the way.

The issues are not easy to spot for the plumbers or constructers. They deal with chunks of construction work but you need to check the house as a whole. Do all the structural aspects of your home work as a whole? A home inspector can provide you all such answers.

Some of the most common problems found in newly constructed homes include missing sides, broken roof trusses, and missing house insulation.

2.  Municipal Inspections Are Not Enough

A lot of homeowners consider home inspections unnecessary after a municipal building inspection. Most of us don’t realize that job if municipal inspectors are different. They check the building for compliance with applicable building codes of that area. The building codes provided by the authorities are minimum standards.

When you want your house to be safe and secure, it is essential to hire a reliable home inspector. They don’t assess your house for minimum standards but provide you a vivid picture of the current condition of the house.

A homeowner should acknowledge that there are factors beyond the control of municipal inspectors can be reasons for concern. 

3. Fix The Problems Before They Worsen

It is no secret that delaying repairs can worsen them. This is no truer for any other repairs as compared to the structural damages. They can worsen within weeks and compromise the whole investment.

For instance, consider there were some broken roof trusses left untreated. One rainy night is enough for a leaky roof. No homeowner wants such serious issues in their new homes. Thus hiring a home inspector is important to identify the issues before they worsen.

 It is important to remember that an inspector does not repair but only provides you a report with all the problems.

4. Avoid Hiring Repairs Once You Have Moved In

House repairs go beyond the struggle to find the best professionals and the money spent. You have to deal with inconveniences such as loud noises, dust, debris, and wasted time. Once you move to a new house, you expect to enjoy some time free of such disturbances.

 A home inspection allows you to enjoy your new home as you have already taken care of repairs. All you need to do is to move in and enjoy your safe and comfortable home.

5. It Affects The Resale Value

When you decide to sell the house, hiring home inspection services is inevitable. The inspectors will identify the issues that date back to the original construction.

Even if you never knew about them, you will have to own them. Such deficiencies can seriously affect the resale value of your house. If you are already familiar with the issues, you can address them before you call in buyers. 


Above mentioned five reasons shed a light on the importance of hiring a professional Property Inspector in Alpharetta GA. They can protect from potential safety issues, inconveniences, and losses in resale value. It is essential to enjoy a safe abode!