Points You Need To Keep in Mind While Applying For The Graduate Visa 485

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With the rise of globalization, Australia has witnessed an exponential growth of international students who come to this astonishing country for the aim of high studies and better job opportunities for a sustainable future. Many Australian universities and Colleges are preferred by International students for their further studies and education due to a wonderful opportunity to learn and make a profitable career. To cope with all the issues and made the process of coming and settling in Australia easy, the government of Australia has introduced many types of visas for its international residents and one of them is temporary graduate visa 485.

What is Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

485 graduate visa allows students to work and study further in Australia after the completion of their studies. This visa has two streams namely:

Graduate Work stream – It is valid for 18 months. This visa is designed for students who have completed their studies from vocational education training institutions and looking forward to studying and earn in Australia. Individuals who have the necessary skills according to Australian Labor Market can apply for this visa and they need to present in Australia at the time of applying for a visa.

Post-Study Work stream – The validity of this visa can is 2 to 4 years. The visa is intended for the ones who have completed their graduation program from the Australian Academic Institution. With this visa, students can stay, study or do a job in Australia for that particular duration.

The most important aspect of this visa subclass 485 is that it forms like a budding step to avail permanent citizenship.

If you are looking forward to applying for this visa, you need to go through some vital points which will avoid all the hindrances and present a clear report to the Australian Immigration Department. If you find yourself tangled, its advisable to take advice of Adelaide immigration agent or reputed immigration firm who will take care of your necessary paper work and all the documents.

1. English language Proficiency

For the ones who are looking to apply for 485 visas, they are required to providence proof of their English language Proficiency. Below you can read some of the scores which are set as the benchmark by the Australian Government for the applicants of 485 visa.



Cambridge 169

PTE 50

Applicants need to present documents from the above to show their English eligibility. The Test should not be more than 3 years old before you apply for the visa. If a person fails to provide the documents on time, chances of refusal of application can emerge.

2. Academic Qualification for becoming eligible for 485 visas ( Both graduate and Post Study Work)

1. Students need to have a completion letter of the respective courses they did for Australia.

2. Necessary Details of their courses

3. The course must be abiding by Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for International Students.

3. Health and Character Requirements

For the ones who are seeking for 485 graduate visas, it is mandatory to have authorized Health Insurance in Australia. You can produce the following documents for your justification.

  • A signed authentication from your health insurance organization.
  • If you belong to a country where the medical facilities are parallel to Australia. You need to show those reports.   
  • Australian Federal Police’s investigation report which shouldn’t be more than one year old.

4. Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC)

The applicant needs to have a health cover for fulfilling the duration of stay in this commonwealth country. The overseas health cover satisfies some of the crucial needs for the students such as:

1. Dental and Physiotherapy services

2. Doctor’s fees

3. Hospital or Pharmacy Cost

4. Dependent Family Members

With Temporary Graduate Visa 485 application, the individuals can include their spouse, child/ step-child or their partner’s child/step-child. Although all the dependent family members are required to abide health and character requirement along with the respective health covers.

Some other important aspects which you need to consider are:

1. Your age should be less than 50.

2. You need to apply within 6 months of completion of your course

3. You need to apply for Australian Federal Police Check before you apply for a visa

4. You must have completed 16 months of studying in Australia.


If you are planning for extending your stay in Australia through the help of 485 visas, you need to make sure you have completed all the above-mentioned formalities for a smooth process. There are many instances where many individuals have committed mistakes due to the availability of less time or no proper knowledge of documents. It is recommended to take the assistance of a certified Migration Agent Adelaide as they are familiar with legal formalities and necessary rules and regulations.