Pointers to be aware of when your car brakes need an overhaul

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Though it is not new, the brakes of your car have to be in an optimum condition. If auto repair services suggest new brakes there can be visible signs in such cases.

Observe and listen

On your disc brakes, there are a couple of ways to check wear and tear of the brake. In between the wheel, spokes observe the brake pads as the exteriors of the pad will be pressed with a metal rotor. In any case, there has to be 1/4th inch of a pad. If the margin is less than that you have to get your brake replaced or inspected.

Sometimes when you apply the brake you might be hearing a high pitching sound. An indicator is going to provide you with an audible sound that the brakes might need a repair and you have to be aware of this sound type. Once you hear it schedule an appointment with a car mechanic at the earliest. The only exception in such cases is when the car is exposed to water when you are washing it. The moisture could replicate a thin layer of rust that is to be applied on the brakes and this is a normal case situation. The moment you witness such signs a car brakes repair specialist might come handy.


Once you apply the brakes and the vehicle pulls towards a particular side, it means that there is an external material in the brake fluid. This means that an immediate repair is essential or the fluid might have to be replaced.

Reduced responsiveness

Sometimes the brakes might not be as responsive as it has to be the case or the pedal might sink on the floor. It is a clear indication that there is a leak in the fluid system. A visible sign is a puddle of fluid when you park the car as it is on similar lines like motor oil with a slimy texture.


A loud metallic sound means that the brake pads have worn down completely, and it is not possible to repair them. This grinding occurs due to a couple of reasons when the calliper and the disc are known to rub together as it scratches the rotors whereby you develop an uneven surface. Once such a situation occurs do not be surprised if the mechanic tells you that you may have to switch off the rotors.


The vibration is an ample indicator of wrapped motors but it can also indicate the fact that the vehicle is out of alignment. If you find that the vibration occurs during the braking situations then engagement of anti-clock brakes are not there. This would be the case when you are riding across a steep slope.

For a lot of car owners maintaining the brake of a car is an overlooked concept. But if you ensure its proper upkeep it prevents any costly repairs down the line and makes it a point that you are safe and secure.