Playing Powerball Game Online

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Powerball is the most famous of the American lotteries, having already put in play the biggest jackpot in the world in January 2016, amounting to 1.586 billion dollars. And from Ivory Coast, it is as much possible to play as to win this monstrous lottery made in the US.

You have certainly attended lottery games. The best, as said just now, is to play online without having to break your head with a sheet, a pen and a trip to a tobacco office. To play the lotto, just choose 5 numbers at random. These may allow you to win the prize pool. You should know that 49 numbers make up the lotto grid. You will need to draw 5 numbers and a lucky number. You will have the opportunity to play 5 grids on each bulletin. Some people don’t like to choose lottery numbers. For the latter, it is advisable to play the flash lotto. Online, the flash system allows you to select numbers for you! You can visit 최상위파워볼사이트 for getting some of the details.

The biggest jackpot

While the Mega Millions, the great competitor / best friend of Powerball came close to the world record in October 2018, by proposing the staggering sum of $ 1.537 billion, Powerball has managed to stay ahead and has since proposed explosive jackpots! We indeed remember the gain of 768 million in March 2019 and we are still waiting for the surprises that 2020 has in store for us! Will the record jackpot be dethroned? Will we reach two billion dollars? A round number for around year?

In any case, for the moment, the Powerball jackpot reaches the very generous sum of $ 343 million! A sum that could change the life of a player over several generations! And Ivory Coast is not outdone and has as much probability of winning this jackpot as the other countries of the world!

Powerball – A lottery crossing borders

Powerball’s record $ 1.586 billion jackpot made a lot of noise, and even people not used to playing lotteries rushed to buy tickets. And a good part of the players, casual or regular, was neither American nor American residents! Indeed, this famous draw allowed players around the world to turn to this American dream!

We keep in mind the story of HV, from El Salvador, who won a million dollars during this famous day in January 2013. This South American pensioner indeed bought a ticket without being physically in the United States. How? ‘Or’ What? With the help of online website which works as follows: When a player selects their numbers online, a site representative purchases a physical ticket, which is scanned and sent to the participant’s account. This ticket belongs to the player and not to the site that acts as an intermediary. It is important to note separately that on some of the website all the prizes won are paid in full, without deduction of commission. So, if no commission is taken on the winnings, how does it ensure its service charges? By offering lottery tickets at slightly higher prices … Quite simply.