Personal Devices You Should Use to Monitor Your Health

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Regular monitoring of your blood pressure, blood glucose, and palpitation seems to be complicated. You do not bother to check your health status as long as you do not feel any unusual symptoms, but unfortunately, your body does not raise the alarm bells even if you have a severe medical condition. Thanks to wearable technology, you can now wear devices to get a line on how your body feels at a time. 

Such devices can help you know palpitation when you walk and when you run and before and after having food, calories you burnt after exercise, blood pressure, and blood glucose. Several wearable devices are out there, and choosing the one that you need is complicated. Here is a list of best devices to track your health.


If you want to track all-day activities like sleep, walk, exercise, and weight, Fitbit can serve your purpose. It comes in various forms like Versa Lite, Versa 2, Charge 4, Ionic, and Ace 2. Here are the features of Fitbit:

  • It can track your cardio fitness level and give you suggestions to improve. 
  • It also tracks your deep and REM sleep and analyze whether you get sound sleep or not. It can give you some tips to have a better sleep at night. 
  • The app has some features that specifically help identify female health problems. 
  • You can set goals, and the device will spur you on a stick to the activity schedule.
  • It will track your real-time heart rate when you are doing a workout. 

Withings Blood Pressure Wearable

If you want to keep your heart healthy, you must take care of your blood pressure level. Keeping tabs on your blood pressure level is a must to ensure that your heart muscle does not bust out. Here are the features of this device:

  • It gives accurate information of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • You will get to know about your real-time palpitation. 
  • You can use this device anywhere. 
  • You can share your blood pressure level with your doctor. 

Polar Chest Strap

When it comes to monitoring your health, you must get accurate information about how your body works. Though there are several personal devices to track your current health status, the most important thing is that they provide as accurate information as possible. 

For instance, if you need a device to track your cardiovascular health, you need to get an accurate measure of your blood pressure. The polar chest strap is a GPS-based smartwatch that analyzes data as accurately as possible. It is considered the best device to monitor the level of your blood pressure. However, it can also connect it with other devices. 


Stress is one of the most significant reasons for deteriorating your health. It is quite hard to manage stress in this hectic life. Work pressure, deadlines, individual responsibility, and hassle are some responsible factors for keeping your cortisol level up. You must keep your stress level under control if you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension. You cannot live a stress-free life as it is an intrinsic part, but you can find out some ways to manage stress. 

Many experts recommend yoga and meditation to keep your stress under control, but now you can use a wearable called Pip to keep yourself calm. With Pip, you can get immediate feedback about your stress level. All you need to do is hold the device between your thumb and index finger and help you get out of a stressful condition. This app is the best way to whittle down your stress and anxiety. 

Viatome Checkme Pro

If you want an all-in-one device, Viatome Checkme Pro will be the best choice. You can check your health anywhere, anytime. Like other wearables, this is also portable. This versatile device can help you track ECG, pulses, and temperature. Here is how this device can help you:

  • It is featured with a professional ECG algorithm that not only gives you updates about your pulses but also rhythm analysis. 
  • It is the best device to measure your SpO2 while hitting the hay. 
  • It has a 3D smart sensor that can accurately measure your calories burnt while doing exercises. It can also signify how many steps you need to walk to consume a particular amount of fat and calories. 
  • As it is highly essential to check regularly your body temperature due to COVID19, this device can monitor your body temperature.

Health is wealth. If you believe it, you will naturally invest in these wearables. You can proactively take specific steps to improve your health. If you do not have enough funds to invest in these apps, you can take out bad credit loans instant decision Ireland