PDF VS DOC: which to use when

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PDF file format was invented by Adobe and DOC file format was invented by Microsoft. Both file formats are very well known and commonly used file formats. Both file formats are used to create document files. As we know everything have pros and cons. So these two file formats have also some strengths and weaknesses. The question here that arise is which format to use? The answer of that question is it depends on the situation. In this writing we will discuss about the situations where the pdf or doc format is best to use.

When to use pdf format:

Printing: If you want to print your document in hard form than it is best and recommended to use pdf file format for that purpose. Pdf format gives high quality print job and high image resolution as compared to doc. As pdf creates WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) files. For precise, accurate and high quality printing pdf file format is highly recommended.

For Online Publishing: If you want to publish your content online then pdf file format is the best option to choose. As pdf file format is secure and can’t be altered by someone else. It can only allow others to read only. So that’s why pdf file format is secure and can be recommended for online content.

Business and Legal Documents: Business and Legal documents are very important and should be kept confidential. It’s important to keep our business and legal documents secure from others. Nobody can be able to alter these documents. For that purpose pdf file format is highly recommended. Because pdf file format can’t be altered and edit by others.

When to use Doc format:

Reusing Images: If you want to create a document that need a lot of images to be added then doc file format is recommended for that purpose. Pictures in a Word document are not difficult to remove and reuse. This isn’t possible with a PDF, on the grounds that its pictures are implanted in PDF.

Word processing: let me tell you that Adobe or Acrobat are not word processors. Microsoft Word is a word processor. It is best to use Word when you want to create or write letters, memos, business letters etc because it permits auto spelling checking and grammatical errors among many other writing tools.

Editing: In pdf file format editing is not easy. But no doubt Microsoft word is a best document editing tool. You can easily edit the word document files without any inconvinience. During the work being done Word document is the best option because you need to make changes and editing again and again. But when the work is done or completed then it is recommended to convert your doc file into pdf.

Recommendation: As both file formats are very common and used in our daily life routine for our office or professional work. So there must be a tool that helps to edit, convert or compress within both formats. So here is a tool named as 2pdf.com it allows you to switch between both two formats. It allows you to convert both files formats, edit both formats and as well as it also allows you to compress and merge your files. 2pdf.com is very secure and professional tool used by millions of professionals. 2pdf.com is totally free tool there is no need to pay any single peny as well as there is also no need to download or install this tool. Just you have to go 2pdf.com using your browser and start editing, converting, creating, merging and compressing your document files.