Paxos Is Not as Small as It is Revealed

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Thinking for someplace where you can find a peaceful environment, crystal clear blue sky, abundance of greenery, beautiful natural views, almost seems to find impossible in the current scenario. Because not only the population across the world has increased that now people are planning to settle on the moon, but also with an increase in the number of transport facilities reaching any part of the world is not a daunting task anymore. Therefore, thinking for such a location is like dreaming with open eyes. But as there is a will there is a way, similarly, there are still lots of places on this planet where you can find the combination of all these elements present together at one place.

Well, you read right. There is a small island in the Ionian Sea of Greece named a Paxos Island. According to folklore, the Greek God Poseidon developed this island to spend quality time with his lady love in a solitary atmosphere. This can also be witnessed from the different elements present on the island. Anyhow, coming back to our subject of locating the place with tranquillity, then undoubtedly Paxos is its best illustration. 

Before I proceed ahead let me tell you an interesting fact about this which further makes it different from other islands in Greece, and which I think is the main reason due to which it is visited by only a particular segment of tourists. You will be surprised to know that the island doesn’t have an airport and the only way by which you reach here is through ferry that could be hired from Corfu.

Is it worth to visit Paxos?

After reaching the island you will find the different types of luxury villas ready to welcome the guests with a warm smile on their faces. Here, I would like to suggest you one thing is that if you are visiting the island during the tourist season that it would be better to book a villa of your choice in advance. As most of the luxury villas in Paxos are almost occupied by the visitors booking them before their arrival.

  1. Condition of the villas: Although the island is heavily crowded during the tourist season, but still you can find lots of tourists during the off-season. Therefore, keeping this fact in concern all the villas are well constructed and maintained properly. They are developed according to the requirement of the visitors according to their budget. The visitors with a fixed budget can find a villa equipped with standard facilities like beds, sofas, cooking facilities, etc. Whereas the visitors with a sufficient budget can find a villa of their choice having vast rooms, large beds, swimming pools, parking spaces, etc. The common thing about all these villas whether they are economical or luxurious is that all of them have a terrace and a balcony from where the visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the island. Moving the rooms in all the villas are airy and allow the free entrance of sunlight. In short, these villas are developed to offer comfortable stay to the visitors of all the segments.
  2. Restaurants: However, most of the villas have the facility of the kitchen where the visitors can cook their meals or get them prepared by a chef. In case, if you want to enjoy the taste of Greek cuisine then you will find lots of restaurants located on the island and its surrounding areas where you can find a huge variety of Greek food and the drinks of your choice.
  3. Nightlife: As the island is too small it’s nightlife it is not vibrant like other islands or big cities, and therefore the youth might be disappointed. Yet during the tourist season, there are lots of restaurants where they can party and have fun. It would be interesting to know that some of the restaurants operate till late at night. Anyhow, if you are visiting during the off-season then you can organize a party in your villa and request its management to make the necessary arrangement for the same.
  4. Exploring the Paxos: Most of the beaches on the island are located within a walking distance and therefore you don’t need any type of transport facility to move at different locations. The condition of good and maintained well due to which it is easier for the visitors to walk without any problem. Besides, this in case if you do not want to walk, then there are lots of ferries available on the island which you can hire to explore the beauty of its surrounding areas and capture the iconic views in your camera.
  5. Places to visit: If you think that being a small island there would nothing much for you to watch, then friends you are mistaken. Here you will find some historic churches, museums, lighthouses, caves, and lots of things that will excite you.
  6. Shopping: There is a local market where you can find the shops of some renowned brands from where you can buy the items of your choices. Along with this, you will find lots of souvenirs shop from where you can buy some memorable items for your dear ones and for your personal use to let you remind about moments spend on this small island.


In short it can be said that Paxos Island has everything to offer everyone to make their holidays a memorable event of their life.