Parental control software for kids: Review

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There are plenty of mobile parental controls apps are floating on the web, because parents over the years have got plenty of concerns about teens and kids’ activities online. However, the tools are available on the web mostly are counterfeits. That’s why people have to lose their time and money at the same time. Young teens these days are obsessed with social media apps, text messaging, calls, voice calls, sharing of multimedia, and many more activities including browsing activities using cellphones. Therefore, parents have to use OgyMogy mobile tracker app as the best parental control app for kid’s safety and prevention from inappropriate activities.

What is the Mobile tracker software?

It is one of the powerful and unique parental tracking apps that are developed for children’s online activities and activities on the cellular network of mobile devices. Moreover, it is packed with ultimate digital parenting tools that enable parents to see browsing activities, keystrokes, social media, live calls, screen activities, and many more. You can easily install on the target cellphone and it has a user –friendly interface. In addition to that, it is operating able remotely after you have installed it on the target device. In case you are facing technical issues then you can consult with its customer care.


You can use it on the advanced mobile phones and further you can use it on Android OS version 10 and above. Moreover, it will secretly works on the target device to the fullest. 

How to install Mobile phone tracking software? 

To setting parental control on teens’ digital mobile devices you have to get your hands on TheOneSpy. However, when you have got access to the official webpage then subscribe to the mobile tracker app. In addition to that, get the license and credentials in terms of password and ID. Now get physical access on the target device and install it on the target device. Complete the installation procedure and further get access to the online web portal using credentials. Furthermore, get your hand on the following mentioned tools to the fullest. 

Use mobile phone surveillance software features 

Live call recording

Users can get access to mobile using an online web portal and record live calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recorder software. In addition to that, save the data on the web portal of recorded calls.

Browsing activities

You can remotely get access to the target device installed browsers and further visited the websites and bookmarked webpages.

IM’s social media

Now you can get to know all the activities of instant messaging apps in terms of logs such as messages, chat, voice chat, video chat, sharing multimedia, and voice messages.


You can capture screenshots to track activities on the cellphone so, you can schedule plenty of screenshots at once.

Text messages tracker

You can get access to mobile and read sent or received messages, MMS, and SMS using text messages monitoring app.


OgyMogy cell phone spy app is the best tool for parents that they can use to set parental control on teen’s digital devices.