Old Models Evergreen Cars You Should Know About

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In the modern world, there are numerous car manufacturing companies

that spend a huge amount of money in producing different and new

models every year to meet the demands of customers. But even with all

this variety and availability, there are some timeless car models which have

been embedded permanently in the automotive history. Most of these

vehicles belong to the old eras which had captivating designs and muscular

bodies. But some of the new era vehicles like the Suzuki FX car have the

aptitude to become an evergreen car for the future generations.

Let’s take a look at some of the timeless old model cars.

1- Jaguar E-Type 1961

This head-turning beautiful car has pleased a lot of drivers and has won

many popular racing contests around the world. The name of Jaguar

automatically links to massive success in the commercial market as well. It

comes in the forms of coupe and Roadster. At that time, the coupe was the

fastest among its class but it was the Roadster that gained much of the

attention. Even though it was an open-top car, it was still very convenient to

drive due to the rigid understructure. 

Image result for Jaguar E-Type 1961

The appearance of the car is very

business-like and stunning from every angle because it is designed by

aerodynamic specialists. The car’s body has a very low build along with

wheels made of wires. From the inside, the big round controls and a

racing-type steering wheel give a sophisticated vibe. The seats are

attractive with a bucket shape. Comfort is provided by the cushioning which

is made by foam rubber covered with metal and wood.

This 150 mph sports car provides excellent quality at a very cheap cost. A

strong XK 3.8 liter paired with an all-independent suspension gives fast


Jaguar is a class of its own with impeccable road manners.

2- 1963 Corvette Sting Ray

This quintessential car combines efficiency, power, and elegance

effortlessly. The Sting Ray is available in two forms of convertible and

Fastback Sport Coupe. Both models are made of fiberglass. The coupe

is faster than the convertible and it gives 160 mph. It is driven by knock-off

wheels and the blue exterior exudes a sophisticated feeling. The powerful

LS1 engine pumps out 390 hp.

Image result for 1963 Corvette Sting Ray

The brakes, clutch, power steering and independent rear suspension work

efficiently together to give a stable and comfortable driving experience. The

seats are provided by various adjustments choices to ensure the comfort of

passengers. Headlights with electric motors, all-vinyl interior and a special

racing kit including a huge gas tank, rigid front, and rear

springs, cast-aluminum wheels, metallic brakes linings, dual master

cylinders and front anti-roll bar are some of the luxury items which the car


The driving dynamics of this sports car make it one of a kind.

3- Lamborghini Miura

This gorgeous sports car is hailed as the first actual of the modern era and

it offers 171 mph. It is a mid-engined car giving 350 hp. The 12-cylinder,

V-8 engine is designed to drive extremely fast. This supercar is a

masterpiece that gives out a thunderous exhaust note. This car from the

1960s offers an exciting and raw driving experience. The lavish interior

provides full leather upholstery, a hand-built cockpit, switches, and

controls on the dashboard and roof-mounted console.

Image result for 3- Lamborghini Miura

This distinct 2-door coupe set the bar for future sports cars with its minimalistic design and extraordinary fast speed.

4- Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

This appealing car is the most produced vehicle from the manufacturing

company. It boasts a modern design, excellent hydraulics and a huge

interior. With a top speed of 115 mph and a V-8, 6750 cc engine which

delivers 200 bhp, the Silver Shadow offers exceptional performance. The

interior is made from high-quality materials which improve the value of the


Image result for 4- Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Rolls-Royce has always been an epitome of luxury and this car delivers

that essence perfectly.

5- Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla has been providing years of service with its unbeatable reliability

and simplicity. The strong 4-cylinder, 1.6 liter engine allows the car to jump

from 0-100 km/h in only 11 seconds. The seats are a bit unsupportive but

comfortable nevertheless. The suspension and steering do not work

amazingly well either. As for the technological features, there is

key-operated central locking, air conditioning system, power steering and

the old and joyful cassette player. The fuel economy is surprisingly good.

Image result for toyota corolla

These legendary cars revolutionized the automotive industry and are still

remembered by people everywhere.