Oak Furniture: Why It Will Be The Real Asset In Your Interior

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Oak furniture is a real asset in an interior. Indeed, oak is a noble and robust wood. Discover the other benefits of this quality essence.

How to give your interior a sleek and trendy design with furniture that subtly enhances decorative objects? The contribution of authentic wood in a design decoration, the criteria for choosing a furniture wood made in the “noble material”: these are the themes of this article.

Lately, I woke up with a particular desire: to completely modernize my living room. He badly needed it. The walls were drab: gray and off-white. The paint was faded. The walls needed a good coat of paint and cheerfulness! I took my courage in both hands, and I decided to line the walls (yes, wallpaper is back in fashion) in warmer tones: cherry red and snow white. My husband put the parquet on the floor. It used to be carpet. Being allergic to dust, I let you imagine the state in which I could find myself when the cleaning was poor!

Regarding the furniture, I must admit that I have never bothered to buy myself pretty wooden interior furniture, always betting on inexpensive furniture and always postponing until tomorrow the desire to make my home. house a design and contemporary place. But today, it is done.

Designer oak furniture: advantages

Although there are many materials to make furniture such as steel, plastic, or resin, oak is still very popular. Indeed,  oak  has something to seduce:

  • Solid: Unlike furniture in plywood against oak furniture can be spread over several generations if it is well maintained. This wood is solid. Unlike ephemeral plywood furniture, it is a guarantee of quality. A piece of furniture that will not decompose after two moves, and that could even, who knows, cross the generations.
  • Robust: Oak resists shocks. The hardness of the wood = robustness of the furniture. In the same vein, oak, a native wood, is resistant to shocks and impacts.
  • Resists humidity: Oak is not afraid of the effects of condensation or the presence of humidity in living spaces. Woody furniture that resists humidity! Again, the quality of the wood allows resistance to any condensation or presence of humidity in the habitat.

Thanks to its great resistance, and the beauty of oak furniture, it is used to make furniture, but also frames for boats, barrels for storing wine, etc. It is also used to prepare smoked meats as well as corks.

Why choose it over the others?

Very appreciated by cabinet makers and carpenters,  oak is a very high-quality wood. It brings a touch of elegance, refinement, and warmth to an interior. It has the advantage of matching almost all types of decoration: contemporary, classic, modern, zen… This noble wood can be used to make an elegant bed frame, a majestic bookcase, or even a refined table.

In addition, oak furniture is easy to maintain. It is enough to dust them daily. However, this wood must be fed with suitable products so that it retains its original appearance.