New Mom Gift Baskets for Postpartum Self-Care

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Having a new member in the family sounds like a rollercoaster of emotions for every mom. It’s mind-blowing, exciting, thrilling, scary, overwhelming, and stressful. These exhilarating mix of emotions make these gorgeous ladies deserve every TLC we can give. Fortunately, there are gift baskets that we can create for them.

With various gift basket store around, we can always have the best fillers and best ideas on what to give to every child nurturer in our lives. Here are some gift basket ideas we can provide to provide them with, especially their postpartum moments. 

Self-care gift box

Every postpartum mom needs a good rest, and this means incredible items that will make them cozy. A gift box filled with self-care items is something that she will appreciate. We can fill it with stuff like an eye pillow, aromatherapy essential oils, cozy sock, book, and some bath bombs. Make it more special by inserting a greeting card with thoughtful words.

Succulent and Spa Gift Box

Taking care of a newborn is composed of stress, sacrifice, and loss of rest. To make her feel loved, show your appreciation to her efforts by sending a gift box with a little potted succulent plant, scented candle, and some fizzing bath bombs. These will give her a relaxed feeling, especially while she takes some time for herself.

All Natural mommy gift basket

Soothing essential oils and fragrances that are made from natural products will surely give your momma a better mom’s life while relaxing. With some organic products, you can also ensure you’ve got the safest products as she overcomes her postpartum journey.

Mommy Survival Gift Basket

Who would never love a gift basket full of some essentials for pampering sessions? Whether she prefers to do some facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure, you will surely get her covered with this gift basket!

Postpartum Hygiene Gift Basket

With the adjustments having a newborn, the last thing she will need is her postpartum hygiene. That is why a gift basket with postpartum hygiene essentials like sanitary liners and pads and feminine wipes will be appreciated.

Postpartum Recovery Box

A gift basket with items that would help her heal and relieve discomfort after delivery is a good idea to give too. Some of these items can include mesh underwear, bath pads, and perinatal cleansing bottle. 

Pampering Essentials Gift Basket

A gift box with various stuff essential for pampering, stress relief, and rejuvenation is excellent for your awesome lady. What she went through the whole process of childbearing and delivery is hard. We know how much she deserves to be loved with this pampering gift basket.

Some Tips in making DIY Gift Baskets

Are you planning to personalize your gift basket for her? Here are some practical tips for doing it.

  1. Gather your gift items and materials for the DIY basket.
  2. Make sure everything fits in the basket and think of a suitable arrangement. Tie a ribbon around the basket’s base.
  3. Put some personalized gift tags. 
  4. You can choose either to wrap the basket or not.