Need a Prank Call Website for Your Next Prank Call? Our Top 5.

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Due to the on-going pandemic, many of us are unable to do our regular leisurely activities.  As it’s become the norm to stay indoors, many miss the luxury of bonding with friends and relatives on a daily basis. 

A great idea to switch things up to ease your boredom and anxiety are making prank calls. A perfectly executed prank call has always been a hilarious way to pass the time. However, if prank calls aren’t your forte or you prefer just to listen, a prank call website is the next best thing. So, here are the top prank call websites that you can try if you want to start your pranking journey!

Topping our list is If you want your friend to be immediately triggered or laugh hysterically, then visiting this prank call website is a must! They have a wide selection of hilarious prank call reaction videos submitted by their app users. 

If you get the itch to make a prank call yourself after listening, the website has a prank call app which uses the prerecordings on the site. The OwnagePranks app offers well over 100 prerecorded calls, each containing a distinctive prank scenario to ensure triggering reactions. 

Some of these prerecordings include: 

‘Calling in Sick to Work’ – Ideal for pranking colleagues, an employee with a hangover calls in sick and insists you cover his shift. He will then threaten to tell the boss that you stole money from the cash register. 


Embarrassing Pharmacy Order – You’ll receive a call from a pharmacist claiming your three month collection of genetal warts cream is ready for collection. 

The website also has a separate section for “Top Performing Pranks” if you’re having a hard time choosing a suited prank topic. These prank call topics generally receive the best reactions, almost guaranteeing you’ll get the same. Extremely user-friendly, the OwnagePranks app provides the average person like you and me a convenient way of making professionally done prank calls.

Next on our list is, which is considered another premier prank calling site online. Like OwnagePranks, PrankDial also features a free app for users. What’s particularly good about the app is that the interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. So sending a prank call couldn’t be easier. 

They also feature a diverse selection of prank topics such as Love, Sexy, Angry, Annoying, and Insulting. Besides that, the prank topics are not limited to offered sections alone. allows you to customize your own prank call so you can really tickle your friend’s funny bone!

If you want to prank call a friend, but are limited to budget constraints, then it’s time to visit! Prank Caller is one of the best free websites where you can send a prank call. And like our two previous recommendations, their interface is also very user-friendly and intuitive. 

To send a prank call to your friend, just select any popular prank from the homepage of their website. After you have chosen the prank topic that will cause the best reaction, continue to enter a fake Caller ID number for your line. You’ll have the luxury of selecting any number you wish. Finish off by pressing the ”Send Prank” button to begin your prank call! is one prank call website that specializes in a variety of political and unconventional prank topics. The home page of this site lets you have an option to send a prank call directly in just three easy steps: 

Step 1: Pick a comedy call

Step 2: Enter your friend’s number

Step 3:  Send it!

Really easy, right? In a matter of moments, you’ll be able to make your friend burst into laughter or get highly triggered! For certain, many will post their prank calling experience on social media as it guarantees great entertainment.Calls include John Cena – Pay Per View Event, Hilary – Delete My Emails and Pokemon Go.

What makes Easy Prank a particular standout, is that it lets users send a whopping eight prank calls daily. And making one couldn’t be more straight-forward. 

Begin by choosing your preferred prank script and input your friend’s number. In addition to prank calls, the site also offers a blog section. Their blogs give users access to fantastic prank calling ideas to try, inspiring you for your next prank call! 

Prank Calls include:

Penguin For Sale – This 41 second prank call features a woman requesting to buy your baby penguins from your craigslist’s advert. 


Service Call – Scott calls to confirm one of their technicians is booked to visit your home between 8-12am. He will then claim there is a $49 fee for cancelling their service.