Looking for the Cheapest Full HD Chromebook? Plenty of Choices for You

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Laptops and tablets are playing vital roles in managing your accounts, data and moreover, your business. Additionally, they are most important for students too. macOS and Windows are the most trending operating systems. 

If you want to try some out of the box device then Google Chrome OS is there for you. And, you have to buy a Chromebook to get that operating system. Frankly speaking, Chromebook has a great performance for business as well as educational platforms. 

Chromebooks are popular among students for lengthy battery life and readily internet-access. You can switch to Chromebook from macOS rather than opting for MacBook repair Dubai. However, we are here to notify you about the cheapest Chromebooks for both your business and education. Let’s check out the list.

Acer Chromebook 315: Cheapest

This Chromebook is the first in our list due to not only its price but also its performance. You are not wasting a single penny when you go for Acer Chromebook 315; also known as CB315-3H-C36A. Acer has listed this device on their professional section and we are telling you why. 

First of all, this laptop is really a cheap deal but you don’t have to compromise with RAM and internal storage. Acer 315 offers a RAM of 4GB along with 64GB eMMC. Trust us, this is enough for handling Chromebook for business purposes. 

Intel Celeron N4020 might disappoint you a little bit but you can access UHD graphics with Acer Chromebook 315. Any office task is possible with this Chromebook.You can’t complain about its connectivity as you are getting two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a microSD card slot. When it comes to the wireless connection, the Bluetooth is 5.0 along with 802.11ac connection.When it comes to battery life, then Acer 315 is the real gamechanger. It can provide seamless service for up to 12.5hours. That’s really impressive. Check your emails, entertain yourself on YouTube, maintain Google Sheets- everything is possible with Acer Chromebook 315. 

Moreover, you can go for its touchscreen version named CB315-3HT-C6XF. But, you have to spare a few extra bucks from your pocket.

HP Chromebook 14: Balanced One

Chromebooks are ideal with the 14inch screen and HP Chromebook 14 is the second member of our list due to its reliable performance. This handy Chromebook comes with an amazing trackpad and keypad. There’s nothing to complain about the crisp and bright display.

You can avail Intel Celeron N2840 to N2940 processor along with HD graphics, also powered by Intel. The RAM runs in between 2 to 4GB and you can choose eMMC in between 16 to 32GB. Ports are also considered among its price range, along with a microSD card reader.

Google Pixelbook Go: Interesting Specs

Do you want to grab an in-house production of Google with Google Chrome OS? Then you can certainly go for Google Pixelbook Go. This Chromebook can amaze you with its Intel Core 8th processor and Intel UHD 615 graphics. 

The RAM sizes are available from 8 to 16GB. Experience ultra-HD videos with 13.3-inch display and picture quality of 4K. Moreover, avail storage from 64 to 256GB SSD with Google Pixelbook.

If you want to invest in the right Chromebook without caring for the budget that much then this is a perfect choice for your business. Additionally, you can expect a battery life of twelve hours from this Pixelbook. Get your powerhouse in the form of a sleek Chromebook, today.

Acer Chromebook R11: Hybrid One

We have got another Chromebook from Acer. And, to be honest, this Chromebook has got a perfect blend of everything available in the Chromebook category. You can experience true HD display on a screen size of 11.6 inch due to Intel HD graphics. 

When it comes to processors then Intel Celeron N3150 is doing its best. It might sound a little bit underwhelming but according to its price range, you are getting one of the best Acer Chromebooks.

The RAM is available in either 2GB or 4GB. Similarly, you can choose the SSD storage in between 16 and 32GB. Moreover, Acer Chromebook R11 has got killer looks with its convertible tech. 

More interestingly, this is the first-ever Chromebook to get Android applications through Google Play Store. This legend Chromebook also offers a recommendable battery life along with touchscreen facilities. But, we find the trackpad quite disappointing. Avail Macbook repair Dubai services to eliminate any issues with your Macbook and other laptops.

Dell Chromebook 11: Small but Powerful

Are you looking for a handier laptop that is 14 inch or smaller? Then, Dell is here at your rescue. Powered with Intel Celeron N2840, Dell Chromebook 11 comes with Intel HD graphics and a display of 11.6-inch. Moreover, you can operate a touchscreen with Dell Chromebook 11. The RAM runs from 2GB to 4GB along with an SSD of 16GB.

If you are a student then it’s the best choice, with the assurance from Dell. This mobile laptop is perfect for any class for its compact design. However, the keyboard of this lightweight laptop is not so decent. By the way, it can be your perfect study buddy owing to its affordable price range.

Lenovo Chromebook S330: Basic One

Lenovo laptops are known for their high-end precision and quality performance. That’s why their prices are quite higher. If you can’t avail laptops like Lenovo Yoga for now then don’t get upset. Avail Lenovo Chromebook S330, as it can serve your basic requirements, like other Chromebooks. And, you don’t have to burn your pocket to purchase this one.

Let’s see what you can get from Lenovo S330. 14-inch display, 4GB RAM, and a quad-core processor are its prime specifications. By the way, you can avail flash storage of 32GB. You will find no difficulty while surfing the internet or word processing tasks.


Buying a laptop has never been easy and is getting more difficult day by day due to emerging technologies. However, a cheaper Chromebook is more efficient in many ways than Windows and macOS. Avail Macbook repair Dubai if you have encountered any issues with your Macbook Air, Pro or only Macbook. Moreover, be selective while choosing the right Chromebook according to your requirements.