Learn the importance of education before it’s too late

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Education is the key to why some countries have excelled way off margins while some have lacked way behind others. Today we understand that the United States of America is the world’s leading country in terms of science, modernization, economy, and living conditions Et cetera. There is a reason why America and other countries like the United Kingdom have one of the world’s most diversified societies. The idea is people from all backgrounds, religions, cultures, and traditions move from their birthplace to such lands to make a better life for themselves and their young ones. But the real reason concerns the fact that these nations have one of the world’s most educated populations that have excelled in education and have built technologies that have tumbled over previous world leaders in the shape of countries like Russia. It is no secret that only those countries excel that improve their education. At the same time, this can be done through a persistent focus on innovation. It is mostly done by enhancing the knowledge provided at the lowest level so that even the people who can’t afford to get quality education still get om a somewhat par level of education. This reflects the potential a teacher has and what change it can bring only from a spelling classroom and a class full of passionate students.

Kids today need to realize that as much as they should follow their passion, they must never sacrifice their education to achieve something. In contrast, everyone grows up hearing stories that many athletes and other entrepreneurs left their school to pursue their passion and succeeded on a level that they had never imagined. While such accounts undoubtedly provide motivation, a point to ponder over is the fact that we must realize that while such people get lucky, not everyone shares the same level of lucky as these famous people do, hence education is something that a person can always rely on and can earn a substantial amount of income to succeed in life and make something productive with their lives. Hence, education ensures the safety of the future; thus, you must never give up on education and must always make it your priority to ensure that whatever you do in life, you can always fall back on your education to have your back even in situations where nothing seems to work. How many times we have heard from your elders to focus on our 11th grade spelling words since this time will never come back so we as students must realize this and put in all-out focus in learning things at school that at the end of it all we won’t regret falling in such a manageable period of our lives.

Almost every celebrity has stories of how they found their way into success. Usually, they did not even have the opportunities to go to school or get an education. They developed this deep-rooted regret concerning the fact that they are uneducated and lack the essential skill of communication. These people usually live complicated lives, and through tough experiences, such celebrities find ways or shape to support their families. Anyone famous today never could say that they wanted to become a celebrity. While their hard work proved their potential, we must understand that even if these people were uneducated, they still had a skill where they excelled further than anyone. Hence, as students, we must realize that whether do we attain something unique or special which could be improved if worked up and if not then we must recognize that working on sight words for first grade is a better option than to waste time on something that you practically can never take up as a profession. 

Many times entrepreneur work on ideas which fail due to their lack of knowledge in product development, marketing, finances Et cetera. For this, we must understand that education can also provide a benefit to further your passion, provide crucial information, and help you achieve your own goals. We must realize that education is hugely for everyone and under any condition. Today we have idols like Malala who nearly sacrificed herself for schooling. She won noble prize solely for the passion she showed in getting an education even in a flooded place with terrorists and extremists. Today she has dedicated her life to encouraging people to study for which she has opened multiple schools in Pakistan since she wants every single underprivileged person to at least have access to such a facility. 

Hence, to conclude the argument, kids must realize that education must be given the utmost importance since it helps to advance people’s lives and change it for the better. Living in the pas would leave you lonely in a hectic and fast functioning world. And to capitalize and adapt according to the situation, we must take up any opportunity we can since its influence on people ultimately helps nations improve.