Learn How to Navigate Your Career During the Covid-19

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Covid-19 has hit all over the world. Whether it’s the health, career or personal life, this pandemic has affected everything. We are no longer the same people. Surroundings have changed and the post pandemic life has introduced new struggles. Social distancing measures are putting a strain and forcing us to confine to one place. 

When it comes to career, the pandemic has wreaked havoc. Many people have lost their jobs, some are struggling with low pay checks and most are struggling to get a new job. On the employer’s end, uncertainty has fogged the mind. They had to make the difficult decisions and take drastic measures to cut hours and reduce the workforce. 

In this difficult time, we are here with hope. In this post, we are sharing the best strategies to overcome this hard time and navigate career disruption during Covid-19. So, take a deep breath and look at the wonderful ways through which you may identify opportunities and keep up your career pace in this crisis.

Strategies to Navigate Your Career During Covid-19

Here are the best strategies to accelerate your career during Covid-19 crisis. Take a look. 

  1. Update Your Resume

If you are seeking a job or feeling unhappy at the current place, update your resume. Be open to new opportunities and create customized versions of your resume to apply under different categories. Right now, many virtual outplacement services are offering job opportunities to the displaced employees or unemployed people. So, think beyond your current career objectives and research on the available career possibilities. 

  1. Evaluate Your Potential and Explore Areas You Lag

COVID-19 has locked everyone into their homes and thus you have an opportunity to utilize this time and evaluate your potential. Explore your hidden potential and explore the zones where you always stumble. Contemplate on your career goals and heed lessons from your past failures. Take help of online career tarot card reading to uncover areas of improvements and find the best course of action.

  1. Learn New Skills and Increase Marketability

A learning curve is essential for growth prospects. Thus, learn new skills, opt for online courses and work dedicatedly to improve yourself. Your new skills can help you to build a good resume and can open up new doors of opportunities. Plus, your virtual projects and skill certificates can be a good addition to your profile. It will enhance your experience and make you more demandable among the employers. 

  1. Networking is The Key!

Your network is your net worth. So, connect with more people and build some great contacts. It is said that Networking is the unwritten rule of getting success in business. Thus, use LinkedIn, Buzzfile and other social networks to connect with your former classmates and colleagues. Share relevant articles on social platforms and engage by commenting on the career related threads. 

  1. Be Kind to Yourself

This is the most important thing you should follow. In this stressful pandemic situation, try to stay calm and positive. Do not blame yourself or overthink on the things that didn’t work well. Keep your hopes high and engage in self-talk. Take mindful practices and reach out for help. You may consult career coaches and also use a tarot reading app for career for exploring foreseen possibilities in your career. Remember only a positive mindset can help you to stand strong in this crisis. So, don’t give up.

  1. Show Your Visibility

In this Covid-19 situation when you are unable to go out or mark your visibility, it is hard to connect and find opportunities. Therefore, take part in the online events and make connections there. Participate in virtual events and engage in private messaging, or real-time chat functionality to communicate with participants.  Share your views and ask questions as these are the places where employers nowadays look for real talent. 

  1. Research Employers and Organizations

Stay up-to-date about the current scenario of your Industry. Research about the available opportunities and stay informed about the organizations that may help you to get jobs or good deals.  Here is the list of websites where you may research about a employer.

  • Vault- A good place to get employer Information by Industry and jobs
  • Glassdoor– It helps to research employee reviews, salaries and interview questions and their answers.
  • Financial Job Network- Here, you will find financial industry jobs and related information
  • Buzzfile- Use it to find employers by major. 
  • CandidCareer- A great place to get more than hundred interviews with professionals on different career paths. 


While the post Covid-19 situation is uncertain, it is very important that we don’t lose hope. There is a great support emerging out of this pandemic crisis and with a good strategy and research, you may easily reach out to them. 

So, do not panic. Stay healthy and adapt to the social distancing trend. Utilize this time and prepare yourself for the future possibilities. With a positive mindset and right approach, you will pave the way to success.