Know the meaning and tips to deal with suited cards in online games

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Suited cards mean that both of your hole cards share the same suit. Example of Suited use in a sentence: Suited cards in Hold’em (such as 78 suited) are stronger than unsuited cards(such as 78 offsuit).

We should know that suited holdings are better than offsuit holdings. It increases the probability of making flushes. Suited cards refer to two cards of the same suit that are consecutive in rank. Adding these hands can produce several benefits to your overall game.

Tips to deal with suited cards in online games: 

  • Add suited cards to your hand which you’ll use for flop

You can use suited cards as your starting hand as you will surely find it beneficial. 

Most of the players start with no limit hold’em and they find it worthwhile. You have the privilege to stick to the pocket pairs, suited aces, or king and queen. These are the best ways to begin your game.

  • Start your game with suited cards

One way to open up your starting hand requirements is to add suited cards to the hands with which you’re willing to see flops.

Many players just getting started with no-limit hold ’em correctly find it worthwhile to be selective with their starting hands as sticking mainly with pocket pairs, King-Queen, and big and suited aces is not a bad way to begin. 

  • Restrict yourself to solid starters.

You can restrict yourself to solid starters to give yourself a better chance of making hands. It usually helps you in decreasing the number of difficult changes.

Also, it is important to know that players can’t limit themselves to the best starting hand because those hands don’t come easily. However, if you use only top starting hands, then you will become easy to read and in critical situations, your opponent might be able to read your mind when you’re picking aces and kings.

  • Consider Position

In poker, suited cards are the ones that are best played when you have a position on your opponent and you can act last on each post-flop round. If you’ve folded to a late position, you might open with a raise holding.

Open raising is a benefit in suited cards as it will disguise your hand and your opponent might think that you have big card hands. Thus, when you raise and the flop comes, your opponent will think of it as a mistake or you have missed the fact but in reality, you have hit it.

Calling from a late position is also a big benefit in suited cards. Like if you have managed to make a straight and flush, you might have a big win with an opponent who is overpaid like aces, kings, or queens.

  • Suited cards- drawing hands.

You can consider suited cards as drawing hands as they must be improved to win at showdown. When you’re drawing it straight or flush, your drawing makes it more advantageous to have a position on your competitors. The reason is that you can either call bets or check behind. It is always up to you how much you are willing to commit while chasing your draw.

If you’re hoping for a big win, then you should make a big hand. If you’re short you might not be calling for big raises and you are only able to, it is advisable to go with medium suited cards.

Thus, it is said that it is not a good strategy to raise a call with suited cards. The basic idea with a suited card is to try and see a flop to win big rewards with low risk.

  • Premium starting

When you are playing poker online, it is preferable to add suited cards to premium starting hands as it will help you in making your image. It will help you not be a tight rock who only plays big hands and bets to lock on hands.

It will also help you in thinking about no limit hold’em as you are not increasing the range of playable hands but also broadening your mind to various aspects of the games.

  • Different experience

When you are playing suited cards, it enables you to make some plays that go beyond the basic bet when you have it and fold when you don’t know poker. It will give you more exposure to different situations and problems. It will also give you a different experience, which is going to help you in further situations in games as well as in real life.


In the end, we can say that suited cards are much better and if you want to have suited cards or you want the highest suit you must enter deeper into the pots with a high suited hand as it will also fold the majority of off suited cards. To learn more about it read here.