Kabaddi a new entrant to the world of fantasy sports

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There is hardly a few among us who have not heard the game of kabaddi. In the last few years, this is gone on to touch alarming proportions. There was a point of time when the game was popular in India and Bangladesh only but now it has reached to other South-East Asian countries as well. Now one of the questions that might be at the back of your mind is are you keen to play fantasy kabaddi. For this, you have to figure out the reasons why this game is gone on to change the course in the days to come.

Supreme levels of popularity

From our discussion, till now you would have a concise idea about the popularity of the game kabaddi. In fact, the emergence of the Kabaddi premier league has been a step in this direction. In order to benefit from this popularity there are numerous countries who are asking their teams to participate. From a viewership point of view, you are not only going to be fascinated by the game of kabaddi but by the visual presence, a lot of fans are going to be dumb stuck.

The game has touched new levels of popularity in India

Though there are various nations who play the game of Kabaddi, it has to be said that India topples the charts in terms of popularity levels. This is not only in terms of visual presence but on how you go on to play the game. The moment you indulge in this game this fact comes to the fore. Not only the players are popular in the country but at the international platform, they are also a lot popular. On close analysis of all the kabaddi tournaments that are taking place all over the world, India stands to win a medal in each of them.

These are not laid figures but the popularity of the game of Kabaddi is backed by statistics. Now let us get to the reasons why fantasy kabaddi has made it big into this domain. Firstly nearly 4 out of 5 people are aware of the popularity of this sport. There is a gut feeling that 30 % of the people would be into this form of sports in the days to come. Among all the fantasy-based sports, this one is expected to touch new heights.

It is easy to follow the rules of the game

A major fact on why the game has soared in terms of popularity is that the rules are fairly simple. Even a layman would find it easy to follow the rules as just you have to tap on to the basics. Is it playing at a national, university-level you are not going to have a hard time in understanding the basics of the game? Such is the evolution of the game that you need to touch the opponent player and make it back to your own court.

The tips to follow when you are choosing a fantasy-based kabaddi team

No doubts about the fact among the various fantasy-based sports, fantasy kabaddi seems to be the top draw. When you go on to choose a kabaddi team there are some points you need to be aware of. It all boils down to the selection of players and trust me you need to accomplish this at a serious level.

You have to take into consideration that fantasy-based kabaddi games have evoked massive interest. In fact, it has taken by the international channels of popularity. For the formulation of a team, some points have to be at the back of your mind.

The moment you are going to select a team all- rounders have a role to play. If you have to make a top-notch team then there has to be a couple of them as part of your team. This would once again evolve down to the players and the match situation. The team has to be chosen based on the previous record and even the current performance of the players. The choice of the all-rounder has to be based on the performance of both teams. No decision has to be made if you go on to base your decision on a single team.

Now when you are going to choose a team quality defenders are a definite must. The onus is on you to choose a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5. If you regularly go on to change the players it goes on to change the attacking mindset of the players. Suppose if you figure out that the attacking line up of the opponents is strong you need to choose a defence-oriented team and in case of a less attacking team, the reverse process has to be followed. Make it a point that there are a couple of defenders in every team. The best option would be to choose a defender who as an attacking history.

If you are planning to win a kabaddi league your time cannot do without raiders. In order to follow the process of selecting raiders, they are normally 2 to 3 for every team. Just select one from every team so that it aligns with your objectives. To ensure that you go on to choose a raider who is not familiar with the attacking mindset of the other team and do not forget the background check as far as track record is concerned. Though in most of the cases they turn out to be the star performer of the team. One of the main reasons why some teams do really well when they are into real or fantasy kabaddi is because of the quality of raiders.

If you keep the above pointers in mind you can go on to formulate a winning team. Once you sort out things you earn a lot of money in the process. The key aspect is to make a popular selection of your team so that you make it big.