Is Your Air Conditioning Freezing Up? Listen Out To AC Repair Toronto Team!

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If your air conditioning unit is not cooling and you see ice on the big or small copper lines leading from one or both units when the AC is on, then your cooling system is freezing up. Ice may form at the air handler inside your home or at the condenser located outside the home.  If you are experiencing this problem you need an air conditioning repair professional immediately. 

Does turning off your AC system for a couple of hours help? 

This is a valid question to ask your service provider and something that NRG Serve team is asked often!  

Air Conditioning Repair 101 – Why Does Your AC System Freeze Up? 

Most homeowners will turn off their AC system for a short time, usually until the ice on the copper lines melt then turn back on their AC system and think this will fix their AC problem.  

It won’t.  

Yes, the AC will cool for a little while but it will freeze up again in a short time.  

Here is why doing the above will not fix this problem. When your air handler unit is freezing up, the evaporator coil inside the air handler will be frozen solid, so much that ice is not only formed inside the air handler but is also now being formed on the copper lines leading from the air handler unit itself. All of this ice will take hours to melt and until that ice is totally melted, no air can pass through the cooling coils. If you turn on your AC before all the ice is melted, you Air Conditioner system will not cool your home and the unit will start icing up again. 

When your air conditioner freezes up, generally, it has to thaw out overnight or for about 4 to 7 hours. This will allow the ice formed on the evaporator coils to thaw out completely. Additionally, you need to be very careful during the thawing process as the water from the ice could get into other electrical components causing further damage to the AC unit and your house. An air conditioning repair specialist North York like us will be more than happy to come to your home and have your air conditioner repair done in no time.  

An air conditioner should never ice up. If you ever see any ice on the outdoor unit or on the inside copper lines, your air conditioner has a problem or has malfunctioned. You need to call an air conditioning service professional for help. Call us to fix this problem. Make sure that you have turned off your system for about 4 to 7 hours before you call out any AC repair service provider.  

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Here are two common reasons why your air conditioning unit will freeze up: 

  1. A dirty filter. When your filter is dirty, the dust and dirt will restrict the amount of air flowing through the filter. This will in turn mean less airflow through the evaporator coils. If there is not enough air flowing across the coils the unit will start to freeze up. This is one reason that it is always recommended that you have NRG Serve service provider do your routine AC maintenance. Call us +1 416-889-7785 or contact us via email to discuss our programs.   

2.  Low or lack of Freon gas. Low or lack of Freon gas is a very common factor. When the Freon gas levels are low in the unit, the surface temperature across the coils fall so low, the water that normally condenses and run on the coils into the condensate drain pan, freezes on the coil. Once the surface of the coils becomes frozen, ice begins to accumulate and soon no air can pass through the coils. You will need a certified, trained air conditioning repair specialist to determine if you have a Freon leak, have it fixed and recharge your AC system. 

Best Air Conditioning Repair Toronto Service Provider? 

For your home AC services provider, call +1 416-889-7785, especially if you see ice accumulating on your AC unit. Remember to turn the unit off for 4 to 7 hours first.  Additionally, if your air conditioner is not cooling, turn it off. Your AC unit is malfunctioning and you could burn out other components in the unit by leaving or keeping it running. You need a trained AC repair/ service professional to find the problem and have it repaired.