Is there a trick on bingo?

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Since the introduction of bingo games in the UK, they have been known as games where chance and luck are the primary factors that help you win at Barbados Bingo. Skill could play a minor role in bingo – in the case of 2 players completing a pattern at the exact same time, the one who shouts “bingo!” first will be crowned as the winner. However, it is widely accepted that bingo is a game of chance where numbers are called out at random and the tickets that the players mark off are also distributed randomly.

However, many players look for tips and tricks on how to win at bingo. Especially since the introduction of online bingo where colossal jackpots are up for grabs, there has been an increased demand for bingo advice. In this article, you will find some of the best and most straightforward tricks that help you win at bingo. 

Bankroll management 

Let us begin with a universal tip for all players that like wagering money. This is the first step that every bingo player should take before they get into the game.

If funds aren’t managed responsibly, a player could end up feeling very disappointed and even find themselves in financial trouble. Every player should have a set of rules in place in terms of managing funds. These rules could be centred around: 

  • How much money is acceptable for you to spend on bingo?
  • How much money spent can still be considered “fun” and not “frustrating”?
  • How much money can you afford to spend on bingo daily/weekly/monthly? 

Avoid peak hours 

A clear way to increase your chances of winning could be to avoid playing at busy times and bingo peak hours. The logic behind this tactic is very simple – fewer players mean lesser competition, and lesser competition means higher chances of winning!

If this tip sounds good to you, then avoid playing in the evening (7pm – 10pm) as well as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – these are the busiest times when bingo rooms (both land-based and online) are at their fullest. 

Play with more cards 

In a traditional 90 Ball game in a bingo hall, the maximum amount of cards that one player is allowed to play with is 6. In online bingo, on the other hand, this number is often not limited!

What this means for the player is that the more bingo cards you buy, the higher your chance of winning. For example, if you bought 30 bingo cards while the rest of the players have between 1 and 10, chances are that you will be the winner! This does not guarantee victory for you but logically thinking, you will have the highest chance of winning because you will have the biggest variety of numbers on your cards. 

Calculate your odds 

Calculating your odds becomes possible in online bingo! Do not shy away from this technique as it is way more simple than it may sound. All you have to do is divide the number of cards you have with the total number of cards in the game (which is usually displayed to all players). For example, if you have 20 bingo cards and there are 100 cards played in total, your chance becomes 1/5, or 20%.