Is 21 90 Rule really helpful to develop new habits? What’s the science behind it?

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There are activities that we start liking in the very first attempt and then gradually we develop the habit of doing it more often. But science claims that it takes 21 days to build or break a habit and if you do it for 90 days, it becomes your lifestyle. I take it as a myth as it is not supposed to be exact 21 days to form a habit. Our mind starts demanding new things if it is done for around 21 days and it becomes the necessity of our blood cells, brain and hormones if it is repeated for 90 days.

If there is something that you wish to add to your life, do it for 21 days and it will become a habit or if there is anything that you wish to cut off from your life, it will take 21 days to dilute the need of it and the urge will go away permanently within 90 days. All you need is commitment and determination to make this change a part of your life. Positive changes are easy to accept however cutting down a negative habit out of your life may require strong will power. Let’s figure out how it works with the 21/90 rule.

Set Your Goals

Remember that you started from zero. When you were born, you were a blank page and you wrote your own book. It’s you who adopted a habit and you can cut it through. All you need is a strong goal and the focus to accomplish it. With this 21/90 rule, you can make impossible things possible. Your goal can be personal or professional, negative or positive, in favour or against the system. Just be religious to what you aim for and be determined.

Make a Strong Plan

Let’s take examples of negatives and positives here. Let’s say, your goal is to start a workout or quit smoking. You will need to chalk out plans on how you are going to accomplish it. With whom you will start the gym, where will you join, when will you join what time will suit your schedule and the most important thing is why do you want to join?

Same goes with negativity, quitting smoking takes a lot of determination and patience. Who will you not take your breaks with, when do you crave for it, what will you use as a substitute, etc. Do remember and remind yourself that it’s harmful to you and your loved ones and you are not going to smoke ever again.

Once you have a strong plan ready, you can start with it and from day one, embrace yourself and reward yourself for your achievements.

Stay Focused

Don’t just pop the bottle too early, when it’s just been a day or two! Remember 21/90 formula and stay focused on it. Once you practice it for the first 21 days, you can stay assured that you can do it. You are strong and you can get the change within! Avoid practising multiple things at a time else you may lose focus or get diverted towards something else. Don’t just push your limits to an extent where you start giving up.

Stick to Your Commitments

The 21/90 rule will only work when you stick to your plans and be determined to your commitments. Set your boundaries and enhance your limits gradually. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger took it years of commitment and determination to reach to that level. If you think you are facing trouble sticking to your plan, make commitments and promises to your partners and stick to it. I have seen people craving a lot for smoke and throwing the cigarette after a fag. If you will think of having it all, you’ll be back to square one.

What After 21 Days?

If you have accomplished the task for 21 days, repeat it until you are done with 90 days. If you can do something for 21 days continuously, you can stay assured that you can do it for 90 days. When you are done with the first 90 days, your habit is changed and your lifestyle has dwelled with a new activity. Now is the time to pop the bottle and reward yourself as you have accomplished a milestone of a new journey of your life.

Tips to Stay Positive and Dwell a Habit

·         Gauge your performance and results and measure each notable change.

·         Stay positive, motivated and focused towards your goals and commitments.

·         Your goal should have a weightage and a strong reason to perform the activity.

·         If you can keep up your goals for 21 days, you can make it your permanent lifestyle.

·         Think of nurturing your life and keep adding new habits that will enhance your inner peace.

·         Negativity may be charming and attractive but it’s always harmful in the long run.

·         Find tasks that bring joy for 5 minutes and that can be done on a regular basis.

·         Think of positive possibilities and nurture them till it reaches endless victory.

·         Write good chapters in your life and it is going to be a nice biography.