Industries that Must Use Age Verification Solution

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The protection of minors is a significant issue that every nation is concerned about. Ever since the spike in technology, children under the age of 18 are at risk of being exposed to age-inappropriate content. Minors have unlimited access to the online world. The internet is loaded with improper stuff that can end up harming minor’s personalities. To protect underage children from accessing age-improper content, there should be an age verification solution. Age verification is the way of checking the age of the client prior to permitting them access to content that may be unsuitable for their age. 

Who Must Apply Age Verification 

The sites or organizations that offer access to minors on unsafe materials can be vigorously fined around $50,000 and they can also face some time in jail. This is the reason it is immensely important for certain businesses to have age verification solutions. Here are some industries that must apply age verification for safer business practice.  

  • Gambling and Betting 

The betting business has extended a ton since it has shifted towards digital means. As per research, the majority of people can get addicted to betting and gambling from the age of 17. Betting and gambling can manipulate young minds and then take their cash while leaving an itch to play and earn them back which further results in losing more cash. This dependence can ultimately lead them to them using illegal ways to gather cash and quench their thirst. This is the reason it is important to check the age so youngsters don’t get affected. 

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is forbidden to minors, which makes it more attractive to them. Minors seeing their elders drinking and not having the option to get their hands on the beverages make them want it more. That is the reason they are continually looking for ways to get their hands on alcoholic drinks. Since the liquor business has gone on the internet, it has gotten simpler for minors to have the option to purchase alcoholic drinks. Alcohol can be incredibly harmful to health if not utilized properly and this is the reason there should be a stringent age verification check for the alcohol industry. 

  • Medicines and Pharmacies 

Medicines can be truly dangerous if used without a prescription. Underage children getting medicines without any supervision can prove to be dangerous to their health. Criminals and drug addicts can use underage kids to take medications and sell them as they will be convicted in the juvenile court. Age verification solution can guarantee that criminals or underage children do not get access to harmful drugs. 

  • Gaming and Adult Content 

There are games that contain violent content or even inappropriately explicit content. Online games connect people from around the world and minors playing around can get exposed to a pedophile. There are even sites that show adult content that can not only corrupt the mind of the youngsters but also misinform them about such an important subject. Age verification solution is required for the safety of the minors.

  • Banks 

In numerous nations, underage children can’t open up a bank account. They are not allowed to use credit cards. By using credit cards they can buy things online that are not appropriate for them. Age verification on credit cards must be applied so minors don’t gain access to credit cards. The credit card information should also be verified to ensure that no illegal product was bought. 

What is the Age Verification Solution? 

In this day and age of innovation, there are AI-based age verification solutions accessible that can confirm the identity and age of the client in no time at all. Organizations can check their client’s identity through an ID verification solution. The client needs to present the image of their ID card alongside their date of birth. This is then screened and confirmed against the submitted information at the hour of registration.

The authentication of the ID card is additionally checked to guarantee that no fake ID is being utilized. In the event that a minor is attempting to get access to inappropriate content, the age verification solution will make the organizations aware of it and the minors will be stopped.

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