Important Points to make a Flawless Cleaning of Residence

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Residences are buildings that house a large number of people that normally have some characteristic in common. The residences usually have different rooms: single or group rooms for sleeping; individual or common bathrooms; kitchen and dining room; outdoor area and other common leisure rooms. Cleaning of residences is really important and you must follow a key protocol so that the necessary hygiene is fulfilled. In this article we explain the details and steps to follow to achieve a correct and flawless clean system of residences.

Cleaning frequency of residences

The floors and surfaces of all rooms in the residence have to be cleaned every day. The bins must be emptied regularly with a frequency of twice a day. The common areas of the residence are used by all its guests, so it is very necessary to carry out an intensive cleaning.

When it comes to nursing homes, a higher frequency and more careful techniques are needed due to the characteristics of their hosts and thus avoid the proliferation and transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. The toilets of this type of residence must be cleaned at least twice a day. These should always be cleaned from the inside out and with the cleanest spaces to the least clean.

Floor cleaning

The floors have to be cleaned by means of a wet sweeping system that consists of moistening the utensils that are used and that avoid the raising of dust, an element that is detrimental to the health of the residents of the residence. To do the scrubbing, two different buckets must be used: one that contains the water and the cleaning product and the other that only contains water for rinsing. In the same way, the mop should be different for everyone. Cleaning products must be bactericidal detergents. The purpose of Flawless clean is to make your lifestyle better and Healthy.

Cleaning of bathrooms in residences

The bathrooms have to be cleaned with bactericidal, liquid, non-corrosive detergents that do not spoil the different elements. It is important that the walls and surfaces are not wet as it could facilitate the appearance of fungi. Cleaning the toilets must be done both inside and outside without forgetting the drains. It is interesting to have the installation of bacteriostats since they project a load of bactericidal product every time the water is flushed from the toilet and disinfection is carried out automatically.

Cleaning of individual rooms

Cleaning of residences also involves cleaning the rooms, whether they are single or double (the most common) or group (it is very strange that more than two people are accommodated in the same room). To clean it, it is important that the air conditioning or heating is switched off, the bins are emptied and the windows are opened to ventilate for at least 20 minutes. The furniture can be cleaned with cloths moistened with water and the appropriate product.

What products to use in cleaning homes?

It is important to know how to choose cleaning products since they can harm the health of residents if their composition includes alcohols or acids. Water is the most basic cleaning material since it dissolves dirt, but it requires the addition of chemicals to fight germs. Within the cleaning of residences, it is important not to forget to disinfect all surfaces and common areas since, if it is not disinfected correctly, the area can re-contaminate very quickly.

For example, bleach is one of the most doubted products. Its disinfection capacity is very high and is highly required in socio-sanitary cleaning, but its ability to kill all microorganisms is questioned by many cleaning companies. Surfaces that are sensitive to chlorine cannot be cleaned with this product and cannot be mixed with other chemical and strong cleaners such as ammonia. In addition, the light causes no loss of quality in the properties of the bleach.

Recommendations for residential cleaning companies

Cleanliness and hygiene are two key elements for excellence in service, whether in nursing homes or student residences. The first type of residence requires detailed sanitation and in-depth disinfection necessary for the health of residents. However, cleaning student residences also implies their need for cleaning in as much detail as possible, as their residents are young and tend not to clean their own rooms correctly or take care of other rooms. common. Student residences are places where parties and events are held that bring together many young people who usually drink and do not care about the environment. For this reason, cleaning must meet deadlines and be careful with the techniques used.

Residence cleaning company

At Flawless Clean we have all the necessary services to properly clean and sanitize residences of any type and size located in Australia. You can contact us and we will give you a quote without any commitment.