How to travel within the city while ensuring your safety

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It won’t be wrong to say that the world, as we know it, has changed. There are new rules and regulations involved that we all need to adopt soon than later. Whether you and your surroundings are directly affected the global pandemic of COVID 19 or not, you must understand the gravity of the problems and play your part in slowing down its spread. Beyond your community and society, it is also required of you to adopt the new and more secure practices of living for yourself and your loved ones. 

This is why, in this blog, we have come up with the best possible way to travel within your city without putting your safety or safety of people around you in danger. Let’s find out whether you should use public transportation or go ahead and rent a car in Dubai, or wherever you live, in case you don’t own a ride. 

Let’s find out. 

Why public transportation is not the right choice for you 

A lot of countries have shut down their public transit and there is a fundamental reason behind it. Often it is very difficult for the government and authorities to control the spread of the coronavirus. Even though, with awareness campaigns on television and digital media, a substantial majority of people know the precautionary measures they need to take. For example, to maintain six feet distance, wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth, to not shake the hands of others, and not to touch your mouth, nose, and eyes. However, you can only make sure that you follow these precautions, but you can control other people around you. 

Hence, using public transportation is not a very good idea, within the outbreak of COVID-19. Even if public transportation is operational in your city, make sure to seek other options and only to use them if there is no alternative and also then make sure to take all possible precautionary measures. Besides, luckily, there is a better option available. You can always drive your car, in case you don’t own one, you can always rent a car in Dubai and several other cities. 

Driving your own car 

Well, we come to the best of all options. For obvious reasons, owning and operating your own car is just the best. It gives you the most control over your decisions, preferences, and it’s one of the safest options because you can be sure who has been using the car. 

However, buying a vehicle is not possible for everyone. Purchasing a car is not only a time consuming and tiring task, but it also costs thousands of dollars. Besides, having a vehicle also brings several other challenges on the table, like taking care of the maintenance, car service, insurance, and keep up with other regulations, as applicable. 

Moreover, if you don’t own a car, it makes absolutely no sense to buy one in these times with higher uncertainty and economic instability. So, the question remains how you make ends meet. What is the solution here? 

Rent a car 

Firstly, there are many reasons why the demand and supply of car rental companies have been on spike since last few years, including: 

  • Car rental services are cost-effective in comparison to taxis and some other medium of transportation. You can look for and avail special discount offers for more affordable services.  
  • Car rental services are easily accessible and available. You can rent a car in Dubai, as well as other cities, by making a phone call or contacting the representative on their website. 
  • Rental companies offer a wide range of car models, styles, and brands, and enable you to drive the vehicle that you enjoy. This is a particularly big incentive for car lovers out there. 
  • Rental service providers also deliver the level of convenience that was not expected from the company up until a few years ago. When you rent a car in Dubai, London, or any other big city around the world, you can often visit the company’s website can book for your ride online, from the comfort of your home.  

However, there might be more reasons that traditionally make people choose rental services instead of using public transportation or taxis. But, today, being amidst the COVID 19 widespread, using car rental increases your chances of safety. By limiting the social exposure of you and your family, you are avoiding coming into proximity to other people. It helps you and your family to practice social distancing, without missing out on essential things. 

Here is how you can use car rental services in the time of coronavirus. 

  • Rent a car in Dubai or in any other city where they are still operating. If you don’t want to visit their outlet, call and request them to send your rental to your address. 
  • Clean the car as soon as you receive it. Make sure you take your time and apply all necessary precautions related to cleaning surfaces. 
  • Just like that, your personal ride for the next two days, a week or a month, is ready and safe for you and your family’s use.  

Your rented car offers you a sense of independence in these crazy times. If need be, you can go out to buy necessities or take care of any necessary chore you might have. You can at least be sure about who has been sitting on your seat before you, unlike public transportation, which can bring you a certain sense of peace. 

The final thought

These are tough times, and we all can use some peace of mind, a little bit of convenience, and a sense of safety, as much as possible. No matter how much you practice social distancing and avoid going out, but there comes the point where you cannot ignore it anymore. You need a safe option for these times. Now you know, what choice between using public transportation, driving your own car and getting a rental car is the best and which one is the next best alternative. 

Stay home and stay safe!