How to take care of the money plant?

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If ever you see a plant at the corner of a room with unusual braiding of the Trunk, know that it was your encountering of a money plant. This easy-to-grow plant is a common scene for many homes. It is good to have this money plant inside your home and consider it beneficial. The braiding of the trunk of the money plant tree projects that it brings about great symbolism of money and works upon the financial growth. 

Here are some ways in which you can take care of the money plant. If these considerations do not seem meaningful for you, yet you can also enjoy showcasing the money plant at your home grandly. Here we are-

About the plant

When you see a money plant in its habitat that is native make sure the species is from the swamps of South America or Central America. People in some countries hardly can recognize one such money plant. The tree grows up to a height of about 60 feet.

The ubiquitous trunk braids but people mistake it to be its natural feature but it is not. If the money plant is grown in a nursery then you can simply supple the young and green trunks slowly. Remember you cannot get them to turn hard and woody. Keeping a plant like this can make your home look good

Places to grow the money plant

More than 3 to 4 lakhs species of vascular trees are there in botanical science. A money plant is one such low maintenance plant that hardly requires any intensive care or maintaining regularly. This fuss-free plant does not require any care yet grow the beauty inside your room. Always keep the plant at the corner to see some great results.

The common names of the Money plant are- Golden Pothos, Ceylon, Silver Vine, Creeper, Ivy Arum, Taro Vine, & Solomon Islands Ivy. During winters, one can simply rinse the water of the plant thoroughly without putting water extensively. You should know what is a garden tub? As it will help you in your home gardening.

Enhances good luck and prosperity 

It is in report that money plant attracts wealth accumulation and also enhances great good luck. The five leaves upon each branch represent nature, Fire, Water, Air, Metals, and Wood. Thus most people prefer using this home plant extensively.

The soil demands a well drainage system. One can mix normal soil for potting along with river sand to provide a strong base. Opting for potting soil mix with high pearlite content especially used for cacti plants. Never over water may the plant as it results in detrimental for the plant. 

Avoid scorching sunlight 

Direct sunlight is great for the growth of the money plant. This plant holds the capacity to sustain the sunlight but select a shady area to grow this plant as scorching heat can burn and destroy the leaves. Plant the tree after you determine the size of the pot you are going to use.

For proper growth, one must keep one node below the water level so that things can be sort properly. Frequent watering can maintain the health of the money plant quite well. Avoid using excess fertilizers so that the plant does not wear away.