How to tackle PCOD through food

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Having PCOD – Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease is a difficult thing to go through for any woman.  It brings in a lot of negative effects on their body and is also one of the main reasons for infertility in most women getting affected. Higher hormones levels create a rage in women with PCOD. Although there is no certain cure for the same, modification in lifestyle, along with making some healthy dietary changes helps manage the hormonal imbalances and the symptoms and restore good health. 

Sheela Seharawat, Women’s Health Specialist, Dietician and expert Health Advisor with Diet Clinic says that women suffering from PCOD can find it really difficult and embarrassing managing with some of the problems of the disease like gaining weight, mood disorders, acne, high blood sugar levels, hair loss and growth on the face, irregularity, and pain during periods and many such other symptoms. PCOD nutrition along with regular exercise is an all-important part of managing all these effectively. This is all because, women who suffer from PCOD have high levels of insulin in their blood and it becomes difficult to manage with the issues, especially their weight.  

PCOD and Diet: Managing PCOD with Food

Although there is no cure to PCOD, it is treatable and manageable. The treatment is managing the symptoms. And, managing these symptoms means making significant changes in their lifestyle, having a well-formulated and balanced diet (foods) and avoiding unhealthily processed and sugary foods.

Diet, meaning foods have an important role to play with any health condition. Women with PCOD should design their diet that is not only healthy but interesting and satisfying too. It is an eating style that should be followed for life and one that provides a wide range of variety. It is not something that makes you starve. It means eating intelligently and includes foods that nourished and heals the body and remove those that pack in calories. The best dietitian in Delhi says that certain foods must be avoided to fight insulin menace and obesity. It cuts down on sugary carbs like bread, potatoes, cereals, unhealthy processed snacks with high amounts of fats and sodium; and include healthier foods like whole grains, fibrous foods, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and alike. Let’s see, what the best foods are for women with PCOD:

  • Green and Leafy Vegetables: These are one food group that is rich in valuable nutrients and are also very low in calories at the same time. They are a sort of powerhouse of vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and K, and many different minerals and antioxidants. While the nutrients work together in alleviating the symptoms of PCOD, and antioxidants fight inflammation and promote food immune health.
  • Legumes and Whole Grains: This food group is high in proteins and fibers. A diet rich in fiber and protein is slow to digest and maintains a steady blood sugar level, by releasing the energy from these foods slowly and steadily. It helps a great deal in controlling the insulin menace in the body and also keeps weight under check along with promoting better digestion, optimum heart health, and stronger immunity.
  • Fruits and Nuts: Oranges, apples, papaya, kiwi and name as many, are excellent for health and boosting immunity. High in various nutrients and low in calories, fruits contain high levels of antioxidants that help diseases from affecting and aids in managing the symptoms associated with PCOD.

Nuts provide a healthy dose of dietary fiber and healthy fats for the body. It also helps manage weight, one of the most common effects of PCOD.

  • Lean Meats: Lean meats like poultry and fish should be a part of any regular PCOD diet. Avoid red meat, which is high n calories and can aggravate weight gain and insulin levels in the blood. Lean meats are an excellent source of proteins, a much-needed nutrient that protects cell damage by new cell growth and repair. Proteins are the building blocks of the body and promote a healthy weight.

Stay away from the following foods if you are a PCOD sufferer:

  • Stay away from all foods that contain additives, preservatives and any form of chemicals that might have been incorporated in them during the processing stage. Junk and processed foods, canned stuff, and package eats are something that you need to avoid always.  
  • Reduce the consumption of too much of fatty foods, especially the ones with saturated fats.
  • Avoid canned fruits, vegetables and meats as these might contain high amounts of sodium, sugar and other preservatives. 

Accounting for all the reasons, natural Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease treatment is always the most ideal and the best approach because they are not only affordable but likewise are more secure, as compared to medications and it will make changes for good for the rest of your life. It can be also regarded as a permanent relief from the symptoms of PCOD.

Diet and PCOD are two words that you will hear almost everywhere if you are a sufferer. You must get hold of the right diet that will help you in increasing your energy levels, boost your mood and help in reducing the symptoms associated with the disease. By changing your habits of good and altering your lifestyle, you will be able to easily manage all the risks associated with developing much bigger health issues in the future.

Yes, it is frightening to have PCOD and it can affect any female, even in their teenage years and the risks remain throughout their entire life. The dietitian who uses the best nutrition software says that if you happen to get PCOD, then there should be no reason for you to lose hope and give up. You have all for your support – medication and as well the food that can go along a long way in helping you manage the symptoms and lead a comfortable life.