How To Switch The Organization When Signing The Employment Contract With The Prior One?

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When it comes to ensuring optimal credibility between an employer and his/her employees, an employment contract is a document that is required essentially. A comprehensive employment contract includes all the necessary terms and conditions, which both the employer and employee are liable to meet in the proper and expected way. Not only this, but it also includes the rights and facilities which you are entitled to as an employee. But, at times it may happen that you have already signed the employment contract with your present employer, but, want to switch over to another organization. Well, the entire situation is quite tricky and you need to get in touch with the best Employment Lawyers Perth to overcome this situation. 

How To Terminate Your Employment Contract? 

The moment you sign an employment contract, you need to remember that it will remain valid only for a certain period of time and is likely to expire after it crosses that particular time-frame. When you are looking for a switchover to another organization, you need to put an end to your employment contract legally. In this regard, only a team of Best Civil Lawyers Perth can help you in the best possible way. Your lawyer will put across two options to you. One is if your employment agreement is already on the verge of expiring, then, you can serve the notice period and join a new company, or you can legally end your employment agreement which has to be done with the absolute consent from both the parties. 

However, if anyhow your employer refuses to do that, then you are invariably entitled to lodge a legal complaint against him/her. Your hired civil lawyer in Perth will include all the essential clauses which prove that your employer has unfairly prevented you from leaving your current job, and, subsequently, joining a new company. This in return will compel your employer to come to a mutual agreement in terms of signing the employment agreement, so that you can switch over from your existing company in a hassle-free manner. 

Essential Clauses Included In An Employment Agreement? 

When signing an employment agreement, you can expect to come across a few of the clauses mentioned below. 

· Independent legal advice 

· Workplace health and safety 

· Long service leave 

· Employee’s obligations 

· Annual leave 

· Trust and Confidentiality 

· Termination of the employment agreement to name just a few 

These clauses clearly signify that your employer has no right to prevent you in any way to leave his/her company and join a new one, which is absolutely your personal choice. 

What To Expect From Your Lawyer? 

If you feel that you are willing to join a new organization, but, your current employer is not cooperating with you, then contacting a proficient civil lawyer in Perth is the right solution to your problem. These lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of employment issues, especially pertaining to your employer. Some of these things include unfair dismissal from the workplace, superannuation, bullying you at the workplace and most importantly breach of contract. 

The last employment issue mentioned is considered as the most serious and may preclude you from abandoning your current job and joining a new one. The best Civil Lawyers Perth can only resolve your legal issue in the best possible way. Right from asking you to submit the aptest documents to that of giving you strategic legal ideas and suggestions from time to time, your hired lawyer will try to provide you a comprehensive service, to ensure a smooth and quick solution to your legal problem. 

Get A One Of A Kind Legal Assistance

Well, breaching employment contracts is a serious issue, but, through the best employment law advice Perth, you can overcome that situation quite easily. At times the breaching of your employment contract from your employer can exceed its normal limit, and, the situation can be progressively worse. But, no matter how intricate or severe the situation is, a competent civil lawyer in Perth holds all the necessary knowledge and skills to make the entire legal matter easy and simple for you. So, get in touch with a team of potential civil lawyers in Perth today and resolve any possible employment issue that comes in your way.