How to Shortlist the Best Hair Oil for Men?

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Consistent patterns like baldness, sudden hair loss, alopecia, premature graying, and thinning of hair often translate into severe hair care issues for men. This happens because our body needs proper care and nutrition to stay fit, and the scalp and hair are no different either. We recommend taking proper care of their hair and scalp by applying the best hair oil for men to reverse the damages.

Post teenage, some boys go through phases of hair loss due to sudden hormonal changes in their bodies. This stops within some time for the lucky ones, but many men can’t see healthy hair growth ever again. It worsens with inadequate nutrition patterns, medical issues, stress, and irregular sleep cycles. Hereditary reasons may be as important a factor to cover for.

Our hair is indeed the crown we wear every day. They affect our personality at a subconscious level- they also affect how we look at ourselves and what we think of ourselves when talking to others. If you are losing strands daily, then massaging your scalp with the best hair oil for men should help you get better results. 

Why should men oil their hair once a week?

Oiling is a time-tested practice that has been an important part of our ancestors’ hair care regimen. When we were young, our mothers and grandmothers gave us a head massage – popularly known as “Champi” that has helped our hair keep our hair care routine healthy. 

Reasons like work-related stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and irregular sleep patterns often lead to severe hair loss and degraded hair quality. 

A smart way to get rid of these effects is to return to our roots. Massaging the scalp provides a heavy dose of nutrition. It also helps soften dry and rough hairs and leaves them nourished and glossy. It also protects them from the damage caused due to the sun’s rays.

Benefits of oiling your hair 

It is important to choose hair oil according to your hair and scalp type and texture. For example, if you have dry hair, you should opt for nourishing oil that provides nutrients to restore your health. For an oily scalp, you should use a non-sticky oil on your hair. Mamaearth offers you three options, viz., onion oil, argan oil, and coconut oil as the best hair oil for men to help fulfill hair care needs. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of oiling your hair. 

1. Strengthens your hair

Hair oiling stimulates hair growth by providing important minerals and nutrients from the scalp. This may prevent external damage and strengthen hair as well. Obviously, the nutrients thus delivered would depend on the hair oil opted for. 

2. Keeps the scalp hydrated

Constant outdoor exposure leads to drying out of essential nutrients and oils, which leads to hair fall. Applying the best hair oil for men at least two times a week and washing it the next day with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner will keep your scalp hydrated. 

3. Enhances hair growth

Massaging your scalp and hair with a pure, safe, effective, and toxin-free hair oil stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation. It also ensures a better supply of nutrients and essential oils to the scalp, which provides proper nourishment. 

4. Combats dandruff and infections

Due to constant exposure to harmful environmental pollutants, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of hair care routine. As a result, our scalp becomes a feeding ground for lice infections and dandruff as the hair gets dry. This can be easily avoided by oiling the hair with the best hair oil for men as it keeps the scalp nourished and protects against infections.

5. Treats premature graying and hair fall

Another common issue most people face today: their hair tends to turn gray, even in their 20s or 30s. It is caused due to lack of scalp nourishment or a lack of essential vitamins. Oiling your hair provides your scalp and hair with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs, a crucial factor in preventing excessive hair fall and premature graying.

6. Offers stress relief and luster

 Massaging your hair with the best hair oil for men by Mamaearth stimulates blood circulation, helps you relax your mind, and lower stress levels. Also, it provides deep nourishment to your scalp, which provides shine to your hair. 

5 Expert Hair Care Tips for Men 

While we shared the benefits of how applying oil will benefit men’s hair and scalp, we will also tell you some of the hair care tips that will make your hair care routine more effective. 

1. Drying your hair in the right way

Do you step out of the shower and rub your hair vigorously with a towel to dry it? This is not a good habit to follow. By drying your hair vigorously, you may make your hair susceptible to damage because rubbing stretches your hair beyond its elastic limit, thus leading to breakage and damage.

2. Avoid using heating tools

As the heat and temperatures can create havoc on your scalp, it is essential to avoid blow-drying your hair. A dryer strips away the essential oils from your hair and scalp, thus causing much dryness. Let your hair dry on its own.

3. Try different types of pure and natural hair oils

As we have different scalp and hair types, it is essential to identify your scalp and choose the products accordingly. Apart from using Coconut oil or Sesame oil, one should also try checking Arandi ka Tel PriceThis budget-friendly oil helps balance the pH levels of the scalp and provides vitamins and minerals essential for boosting hair growth.

4. Do not over comb your hair

Do not over-comb your hair if it is not settling in the way you want it. Let them be. Over-combing leads to thinning of your hair strands. Instead, get a haircut that suits you or wear a cap. 

5. Stay away from synthetic hair care products

There’s nothing wrong with hair styling products such as hair gels, waxes, and even hairspray to get the style and look you want. But we recommend minimizing your usage of such products because they may contain harmful chemicals and toxins that could hurt your hair follicles. Instead, you can apply hair serums as it helps in styling and protecting your hair. 

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Summing it up

Although you can oil your hair daily, people hardly find the time these days to build a perfect hair care routine. However, you can try to apply the oil twice a week as it nourishes your hair and removes dirt, pollution, and stress. 

Applying the best hair oil for men can be beneficial if you use hair oils properly. But make sure that you are choosing a hair oil that suits the needs of your hair. Thus, a great hair care brand can help you achieve the hair you want. Hence, we recommend choosing your pick from some of the best hair oil for men from Mamaearth. 
Note: You can also check Arandi ka tel price on Mamaearth. It is a plastic positive organization that believes in sustainability. The brand also plants a tree for every order it delivers in India, thus making the environment cleaner and greener.