How to Reset or Change your Yahoo password?

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To ensure the safety and security of your Yahoo Mail account, you need to change the password of your online account periodically. This is considered as the most efficient measure to take when you suspect that your account password has been compromised and someone else has accessed your account.

However, not only for that but you can also change your Yahoo password if your password is that much hard that you need to check your ‘Password Manager’ every time you log in to your Yahoo account.

But for a few users, not being from technical background can be a headache sometimes, as they’re not able to perform the technical steps alone without any technical support or guidance. That’s why, having this fact in mind, we’ve mentioned the proper steps about How to change Yahoo Password below in this blog for such users. So, if you’re one of a kind, then keep reading further to learn the steps for the same:

How to Change Yahoo Password:

  • To do so, first and foremost open your web browser and from there, click on the link of Yahoo Mail login page to open it.
  • Then, from the Yahoo login page, enter your correct username and password in the required field to open your Yahoo account.
  • From your Yahoo account, select the display of your name from the top of the Yahoo page to navigate to the ‘Account Info.’
  • Under it, click on the ‘Account Security’ from the ‘Personal Info Page.’
  • Then, from Account Security’s ‘How you sign in’ section, you need to click on the link of ‘Change Password.’
  • After that, type the new decided Yahoo password in the ‘New Password’ text field and then re-type the password to confirm it.
  • That’s it! Select ‘Continue’ and also enter your ‘Recovery email and phone number’ again to secure your account. (Although, it’s optional)
  • Now, select the ‘Mail’ option from the ‘Account security page’ to return to your emails.
  • Lastly, Logout from your account and then login back with the newly set password.

Other than that, you can even change or reset your Yahoo password, if you forget your password due to your hectic and busy schedule and that’s quite possible! So, let’s even learn how to reset the forgotten Yahoo password with these given steps:

  • Go to the ‘Yahoo sign-in helper page’ and in the required field, type your correct Yahoo email address.
  • Then, instead of typing the last remembered password, simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link.
  • On the next ‘Recovery Password’ window, click on the recovery method i.e., either ‘Receive code via recovery email’ or ‘Receive code via phone number.’
  • Then, click on ‘Continue’ to get the password reset link code.
  • Use that link to navigate yourself at the Yahoo Mail password reset page.
  • There, type the new password and confirm it again by re-typing it.
  • That’s it! Click on ‘Save’ changes and go back to Yahoo login page and from there, log in to your Yahoo account using the newly set yahoo password to get access to all the Yahoo services.

Now, as you know how to change a Yahoo password whether you remembered it or not; always change your Yahoo password at regular intervals to avoid any cyber threats in the nearby future.

However, even after using these steps if you face any further issue in this matter, then what you can do is simply visit the technical site like ‘Get assist’ to get yourself assisted for the same by its technical team.