How to Provide Proper Elder Care for Seniors?

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During old age, your seniors might need more help than you think they do. This is why there are services such as Eldercare services in Chennai or caretaker services, etc. But even when you have opted for such kind of support for your elders, you can contribute towards supporting them as well.

Here are some useful ideas that can help you achieve just that. Let’s get into it:

Keep Your Elders Active

One of the most common things you might notice during old age is spending most of the time doing a low amount of activity. This is simply because of biology, its not like they are don’t want to anymore, their bodies are not supportive enough for the amount of activity they do.

That is why you should help them by indulging them in activities that might keep them active during these tough times. Many physicians and doctors have recommended in the past that it is a good idea for elders to exercise at least 3 hours every week. This will keep them healthy and happy. You can encourage them to start exercising, every once in a while.

If they are just starting out, you can ask them to do the same every alternate day, since you have to add this as a regular activity in their daily routine, but can’t be forced to do immediately. So, it’s better to start slowly and eventually changing the plans.

But before getting started, it’s important that you discuss these things with their physicians and doctors. Since they will know more about their physical condition then a normal person would and can suggest how much stress their bodies should take to stay safe from any injuries.

Medical Care

Lots of times, most of the elders are taking some sort of medication-related to issues that come with old age. This can be physical or other types of conditions. To make sure your elders are taking the right medical care is necessary that you get involved in this.

Ask their physicians, doctors, and elders themselves, how they feel, and what these medicines are for. This will help you understand their condition better and should be able to help you support them much better. This will also help you keep their conditions in check and you will be able to notice any bad symptoms much quicker than before.

And talking to their doctors and health caretakers will also help you understand what problems they might be susceptible to in the future. Also, keep an eye out for any signs of emotional stress you see in them. Most of the time they won’t talk to you about it. You have to figure this out yourself.


It is commonly seen that when elders or adults spend time with people they like or love, they stay healthier than people who stay alone. Although this applies to all ages as well. Socializing is an important aspect of or lives and we should always embrace it it’s hard to function properly when people are alone.

It’s vital that you encourage your elders to keep socializing with other people outside of their homes. This could be their friends or other people living in your locality. Expressing and talking eases everyone’s pain and it makes people happy.


It’s always important that you take care of your elders as soon as you can. Understand that they might not express this but they need your support. Make sure you get a Caretaker for elderly in Hyderabad if you won’t be available with them all the time.