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“Your home should tell your story, and be a collection of what you love.” 

Perhaps, you’re looking for sneaky yet cool tricks about how to reinvigorate your living space, and also give it that extra style that it needs. Or perhaps, you want to entice your boss and friends to show off how classy and rich you are. That your house has a very vintage yet expensive feel about it! But how do you achieve that?

We’re going to suggest you a small list on giving your home a persona that it deserves.


You know how when you’re about to get your house painted, the home renovation company shows you a bunch of paint swatches, and asks you to choose three matching tints of the same shade of color? Research shows that choosing different tints of the same shade of a warm or cool color, gives your home a cohesive yet, expensive feel. Your home looks more put together, and when someone walks in, they feel a cool vibe that they can’t put a finger one.

Not only does it make you seem wealthy with great taste, it also soothes your eyes and calms your mind. 

It should be kept in mind, especially if you have young children or toddlers around you. Even they would feel more at home with the monochromatic tint.

Do you always question why nurseries are normally painted tints of monochromatic— peach, green or yellow? Because research shows that babies feel more nurtured living in a monochromatic painted room, whereas they get nervous with sparsely painted walls in their nursery.


Ever invested in a large piece of art? We’re sure you’ve looked at a lot of celebs home tours. What sticks out at you? You can easily see that the people that are well known for their taste in the media aren’t just opulent for the sake of opulence. They also invest in local artists and buy handmade decorative pieces, that makes their house beautiful and everything seems well placed in it. You’ll never feel that anything is in their home that has not been given a thought about, or as if it doesn’t belong.

What large pieces of art do is that they bring the majestic opulence to a boring corridor or a hallway, or even a string of stairs, and the people walking in their house feel like they’ve stepped in the court of royals, or a place where they would have to pay for just to walk in. Buy large artistic sculptures, lamps, rugs, textiles and place them according to the place it belongs.


Throwing a good piece of furniture together is more difficult than it seems. You can’t just walk into an IKEA store, and hope that they have to offer you all that you desire. You need to go to local furniture dealers, you can check up on sites like Craigslist, you can go to a home owner’s sale and look for vintage furniture and chairs that you know will go well in your study. The point is to be smart and look for furniture that’s tasteful and contemporary.

But, it also depends on what feel you’re going for. If you want a vintage feel, you’re going to look for large vintage chairs and rugs; and if you want a contemporary feel, you’re going to look for modernistic furniture, things like a color schemed sofa, a metal table and steel lights might just be the thing you’re looking for.


A nice throw rug, or a nice throw cushion on your couch can make your home seem more expensive than it is. Pillows make or break your living spaces. You can even use pillows on all of your chairs in different parts of your house. Nice, delicate embroidery and a good piece of fabric can make your pillows come together like never before and it makes your chairs vibrant and pulls your whole living space together, and is something worth splurging for. 

Furthermore, you can always find a tailor online and get it (upholstery, pillows, etc.) custom made for you, if you don’t find anything that’ll suit your home renovation needs.


You can also find handmade rugs online and they come in a variety of options— from contemporary, classic, transitional, geometric, harem to jharokha, floral and graphic printed pieces. Just keep in mind what you’re going for when you’re planning the look and feel of your home together, and find a rug that accentuates that feeling!

A good rug can make or break your living room, so you want to choose wisely. Also, they keep your feet warm, and keep the vibe of your home cozy!

If you have read this far, then we hope that you found the pieces that can make your house drip with opulence when someone enters it.

Above all these points, what is most important is how nicely you keep up the places that are most prominent in your residence such as a garage palace of your house. 

Garage is the most important place that should be kept managed and organized properly so when visitors look at it, they get a good first impression.

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