How to Maintain Healthy Sleeping Habits?

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Do you consider yourself an incorrigible “owl”, but do realities force you to adapt to the generally accepted regime of the day? It does not matter – it is quite possible to turn from an owl into a lark and get pleasure from it! The main thing is to show very little willpower and determination.

The best way to train yourself to get up early is to forget that you are an owl. Many are so prone to self-hypnosis that by sending their body an “I am an early bird” signal, they will automatically begin to wake up earlier. Also, for those who prefer to take real steps to achieve their goal, we suggest starting to apply simple rules.

1. Do not try to get up early. Graduation is your best helper in the process of developing a new habit. First, set the alarm 5 minutes earlier, every other day – 10, and then – 15. Therefore, your body will not feel stress from not letting it soak in bed.

2. If you want to turn from an owl into a lark, start the morning with pleasant activities so that you have an additional incentive to wake up. Think ahead than reward yourself for an earlier climb. Fill let the minutes taken from sleep with positive emotions.

3. An excellent motivation for an early rise is to finally do what you have long wanted. For example, try to make a new hairstyle. 

4. Try not to sit up on the Internet before going to bed. How often do we get into the “tale of lost time” when we want to look at social networks for a few minutes, and spend more than an hour there!

5. Correctly calculate the time it takes for sleep. Surely, you already know how many hours you get enough sleep (say, for 8). Therefore, do not expect to wake up alert if you fall asleep around midnight, and you need to get up at six in the morning.

6. Make sure you do exercise regularly. If you are not an avid active person. Then it is better to learn to wrap sprained ankles before you go full throttle on exercising. Because you do not want to rush your body into something very unexpectedly bad for yourself.

Final Words

Do not refuse the help of the alarm clock. You can increase the efficiency of this simple device by placing it at the other end of the room, away from the bed. Then you have to get up in any case to “knock it out”. After you turn off the signal, in no case do not return under the covers! A little time will pass, and you will be able to turn from an owl into a lark.