How to Maintain Energy Levels Throughout The Day After 40

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The ultimate guide to boost your energy levels once you hit 40. Learn the best scientific ways to be more active and feel energetic throughout the day.

Most people living a modern lifestyle want to gain more and more energy. Our desire to achieve more and more makes us work too hard, make commitments that we could hardly handle, and also prevents us from getting sufficient sleep. Although one can be more productive when they are in their twenties or thirties, once they reach the age of 40, the energy levels start diminishing and it becomes hardly possible to maintain our energy levels throughout the day for fulfilling the multiple commitments.

But do not worry, because even post 40 you can be equally productive and feel energetic enough if you follow certain expert tips and strategies stated at Healthcanal. From eating healthy to mental tricks to right scheduling, here are the best ways to boost your energy levels and feel energetic always even after 40.

Schedule your downtime

Even though you may feel like you can handle everything and have the fire and urge to take advantage of every opportunity on your way, the hard truth is, once you are in your 40s you can’t engage in multiple tasks and bounce from one thing to the next. Therefore, you must schedule some downtime for yourself in between work when you can rest, spend time with your friends or family. Doing this will only boost your energy to perform better and take care of everything on your plate rather than feeling overwhelmed about the same.

Eat every 4-6 hours

To be the best version of yourself, you need to keep fuelling the tank. This means that you should not maintain long hours of gap between two meals. Give away the common idea of having only three square meals a day. But instead, eat multiple times a day to make sure you are not fasting for more than four hours.

Improve the quality of sleep

As we age, it becomes a common phenomenon that we are more tempted to spend hours in bed without falling asleep. According to Harvard health publishing, this might prevent you from getting good quality sleep. To avoid the condition, you should stop taking naps during the daytime. And, also start with just a few hours of sleep per night. Then keep adding more minutes to it as you feel you are getting quality sleep when you are on the bed. This method helps to experience more restful sleep.

Add more potassium to your diet

Potassium is not a common nutrient that we often hear of, but it is certainly a very important nutrient that can help boost your energy levels and improve your overall health especially when you are in your 40s. The greatest benefit that one can get by increasing potassium intake is better heart health and lower blood pressure. And as we all know that an increased blood pressure or heart problems will always prevent you from engaging in physical activities. The amount of potassium that adults must consume each day is around 4700 milligrams. Which is quite a good amount. You may consume foods like avocado, potato, spinach, and dry apricots to ensure sufficient consumption of the stuff.

Get the annual physical check-up

Once you hit your 40s, there are chances that you get physical complications that are not yet serious enough to show symptoms. You may feel low due to thyroid imbalances, lower testosterone, or perimenopause. If you feel low very often, try consulting your doctor to identify the reason for what’s going on in your body. You can get an easy fix before the condition gets worse.

Take the right vitamins

If you are not already taking vitamin supplements, then now it’s time. When you are in your 40s it is extremely necessary to consume vitamin B, vitamin D, iron, and magnesium. Every individual has his own needs based on his health, lifestyle, and diet. Hence, getting the correct nutrients can make a great change in boosting your energy levels, how you exercise, and your sleeping patterns. The details are explained here:

Learn to say no

It is often seen in people who are in their 40s doing things that they don’t want to. This is the kind of habit that you should simply give up in your 40s. Overworking has a direct link to fatigue. And fatigue can drain your energy both mentally and physically. Hence, setting your boundaries and learning to say no is the best way to retrieve energy.  This will also make you happier and more energetic when you do things that you like instead of forcing yourself to do things that you don’t.

The bottom line

You don’t need to stop living after 40. Instead, just learn to live differently. Being a bit more attentive to your health and adopting good habits can have a great impact on your energy levels.