How to fix AOL Mail Login Zoids Errors?

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Sometimes end users encounter errors when they try to send emails through AOL Mail account. If you are also facing the same and don’t know the reason behind these issues and how to mitigate those errors. Then you are landing on the right page because we will tell you the reason behind this. Firstly we have to understand how many types of these errors so that we can know the reason for occurring in detail one by one. AOL mainly shows three different types of error which are Blerk, Gah, Zoids. These three have their meaning. But in this article, we will understand what Zoids errors are, why they occur is and what prevention we take to eliminate them.

Zoids error 8:- Zoid error messages will occur in AOL when ERR1805 arises in the Mail Login account. It is named as Zoid error 8 to simplify its name to provide ease for both customers and the experts of AOL. Sometimes you see after entering the credentials and hitting sign in tab your AOL window takes time to load its official page. So whenever there is a loading issue this is due to this error. This can occur due to many reasons like-

  • Spotty internet connection
  • The device does not have enough space
  • The browser you are using is out of date
  • Cache building on  device
  • Or maybe some security reasons that you set in your device.

So whenever you try to send an email or try to perform AOL Sign In then in this case if the page is not loaded properly then try to figure out the above-listed issues. Or you could wait for some time and then reload your page. It may solve this issue. After trying so much and still, you persist the same then it’s time to use AOL basic version. AOL mail login can also perform on its basic version as it is the same as usual one. It is mainly for the slow internet connection so whenever you are in a hurry and your account stops loading, switch to its basic version. These are only for slow speed devices like dial-up.

Zoids error 9:- It occurs mainly when the user tries to login with the account which is not supported by the AOL itself. Then it will show an error which is named Zoid error 9 which is coded as ERR1116. To overcome these types of issues the simple way is to try to have another account. In this situation it is advisable that users have to create a new account then try to sign in with that different account with a new email id and password. Now you can see you will not face the same error again during AOL Sign In.

Zoids error 16:- User sees Zoids error 16 when the ERR2600 arises in the AOL Mail Login. This error mainly occurs when we violate the AOL Terms and conditions. So this is considered a serious one as the user tries to do something suspicious which is not supported by AOL Terms of service then only you will see this error. When you do something suspicious then AOL will give you some warnings to stop breaking the rules. But in case if the user continues then AOL will immediately lock or suspend your account. After this in case you want to recover your account then there is the only way for this by calling the AOL customer service team or you can also drop an email to them. In email try to list all the things like the account or email address you want to recover. And use that account that you can reach anytime to get the solution.

Here we learned about the Zoids error in detail that occurs in AOL Mail with the solutions. Try to solve the error by trying the above-listed solutions. If you need any kind of assistance then try contacting their representative team. They will guide you for sure.