How to Contact a Jeweler for Resale

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Due to the recent advancements in technology, almost all jewelers have their own website. Yes, gone are the days when you would need to go to the jeweler’s store. Now, there is an easier way to contact them. In fact, there are a variety of ways to contact them to inquire about cheap wholesale jewelry. If want to do it the right way, then follow these steps and you will get what you need in no time:

Search on Google for Jewelers Nearby


Everyone goes to Google when they need something and a jeweler is no exception. You would just need a portable device and a fast Internet connection. If your house does not have a fast Internet connection, then you can head over to the nearest place that has. For example, you can go to a coffee shop and buy something there so they will give you the WiFi password. There is a reason why most web browses have Google as the homepage. It only takes less than a second before you get all the results that you need.

Go to the Jeweler’s Website

A lot of jeweler’s websites will pop up. Better not limit yourself to the websites on the first page of the results as there may be some nice options on the second and third page. Their websites must give you a ton of information like what they are selling including which brands and the materials they are made of. If you are used to buying jewelry, you know you would want to know as much as possible. If the jeweler hired a good web designer, not only will you get everything that you need but it is possible you can buy jewelry right on their website. All the products will be presented there in a magnificent manner.

Take Down the Contact Details of the Jeweler

You can just copy and paste the contact details of each jeweler you come across then past it to a document. After taking down the contact details of several jewelers, that is when you can contact them all in one sitting. Besides, you don’t really need to be in a hurry in making a decision since this is something that needs a lot of thinking. This is one transaction that must go as smoothly as possible. You know that one piece of jewelry isn’t exactly cheap as it costs a few hundred dollars. Some people would take a lifetime of savings before they can even afford a diamond necklace. Hence, better decide if it is worth it and if it is for resale purposes, better make sure that you already have a buyer for it so you won’t take a big risk.

Contact the Jeweler


Don’t forget to show the proper manners when talking to the jeweler. Start by addressing the person with Sir/Ma’am then tell him or her the reason why you called. If it is for reselling purpose, then tell that person that as there is no reason to be ashamed of that. Expect the person to try and sell you about the jewelry brand. Yes, you can ask all the questions that you want and you will certainly get all the answers that you need. Each jeweler trained a customer service team so that you won’t be kept waiting. If you decide to email them after office hours, they will certainly get back to you on the next day.

In conclusion, it is not that hard to contact a jeweler for resale. You just need to have a device where you can contact them with. It really depends on what you choose. You can contact them using your mobile phone, or your Facebook, or your email. Do whichever is the one that is the most convenient to you since you’re going to do it numerous times until you find the jeweler you want to do business with. All of them present nice options so better choose the one that would suit your situation the most. Of course, you would need to consider a lot of factors before making a good decision. The first is how much you are willing to spend as there are cheap options but the quality is not as good as what you would expect.