How to Choose the Best Holiday Destinations in 2021?

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While holidaying and traveling may have been on many people’s minds over the last 18 months or more, most people have been limited by the pandemic. Millions of vacations have been canceled as flights were postponed or stopped completely.

However, some countries are willing to accept tourists again, and many more are planning or hoping to open their borders later this year. Testing, vaccinations, the EU vaccine passport initiative, and easing of quarantines, have all meant that some regions are ready to welcome holidaymakers once more.

With this in mind, is it time for you to start planning a trip in 2021, or next year? And, if so, where should you go? 

What is the current travel situation?

With the new variants of Covid affecting some countries differently, there are tighter restrictions in some regions than in others. Southeast Asia, which had minimal cases in some areas, is now being hit by a surge in infections, especially in Thailand and neighboring Laos.

Other countries have announced that their restrictions have been eased as the daily cases continue to drop. There is a growing list of countries that are now accepting US citizens, and there are still some that are not.

Being able to travel to some places will depend on certain factors such as the country of departure, previous travel destinations, and whether the tourist is fully vaccinated. The type of vaccine is also important as some are not recognized in certain countries. For instance, the Indian manufactured Astra-Zeneca is ok for the UK, but the EU has not officially recognized it.

Before making any travel plans, check the government websites for up-to-date information, and do thorough research so that you will not be disappointed by rejection at the airport. With this in mind, here are some travel destinations that you might want to consider now the pandemic is easing. 

Thailand to re-open

At the time of writing, Thailand is undergoing a Covid crisis of around 10,000 new infections each day. However, there is hope that the popular tourist destination will be open for business towards the end of the year.

The country has launched the ‘sand-box initiative’ that is allowing tourists to visit Koh Samui, Phuket, and other places without quarantine if they are fully vaccinated. The country is hoping to have tourists fly indirectly to the island resorts. If you are also planning a vacation there, you will have a good time in Thailand Villas.

Why go to Thailand? Beautiful beaches, spicy local food, and stunning temples. 

Gamble on Sun City

South Africa is one of the countries that is allowing American tourists to visit now. However, you should be aware that other countries may not be as welcoming if they see a South African stamp in your passport.

South Africa is home to a varied landscape, incredible wildlife, and diverse culture. And with Sun City, the country also has one of the best casino resorts in the world. This is a destination where all the family can find entertainment, with theme parks, a huge casino with slots, and poker, and of course safaris.

Why go to Sun City? Top-class resort and the chance to see the Big Five. 

Choose the British Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands can confuse some people as there are two groups with the same name, but one is a British territory while the other belongs to the US. The British Virgin Islands have opened their doors to tourists including US citizens.

Made up of mostly volcanic islands, with crystal clear water, this is a holidaymaker’s dream. If you don’t like beaches and the sea, then stay away as many of the popular sights are all based on the coastline.

Why go to the British Virgin Islands? For endless beaches, water sports, snorkeling, and ultra-fresh seafood. 

Pretend to be Lara Croft in Siem Reap

There are some extraordinary places that everyone should visit in Cambodia, but perhaps none more so than Angkor Wat.

This ancient temple is impossible to be bored by, and some people take a 7-day pass so that they can explore as much as possible. Angkor Wat was not just a temple, but an entire city that was abandoned to the jungle until it was rediscovered in 1860.

In the city itself, there are many bars in Pub Street and restaurants to enjoy, as well as the night markets. You can enjoy traditional Apsaras dancing with local food, or visit the Angkor National Museum. While the country has not yet reopened for tourism, it is hoped that their strict measures will mean it is safe to visit Turkey for tourism at the end of 2021.

Why go to Siem Reap? For the incredible Angkor Wat, and to try the Tomb Raider cocktail at the Red Piano. 

Stay home and visit Las Vegas

There are many tips on how to go local when traveling. These often include trying the local food, learning some of the language, and dressing appropriately to fit in. However, in these times of travel restrictions and social distancing, maybe going completely local and staying home is the key.

Las Vegas became a ghost town last year as casinos were forced to close down. This led to a surge in the use of online casinos and slots, but now Vegas is open for business again. Vegas can be the perfect place to visit for a short break as it not only has some of the best casinos in the states, it also has international standard restaurants including Michelin-starred chefs. It is renowned for its entertainment venues too.

Why go to Las Vegas? To try out your online EnergyCasino skills in real life, and to see the Cirque du Soleil. 


The pandemic put a halt to most people’s travel plans. Gap year students planning to explore the world found themselves stuck indoors, and families had to make do with local sights instead of the Eiffel Tower.

It can only be hoped then that the rest of this year and next will be a huge improvement. Not only will the pandemic finally finishing mean that everyone is at less risk, but it will be a boon to the struggling tourism industry.