How to buy the best birthday gift

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Seriously, buying gifts can be the hardest thing of all. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of practice to become a great gift giver. But how to buy the best birthday gift for your loved ones? What is important to know? How do you make sure you put together something great? There are two golden rules to give the best gift. The first rule is to give something that the receiver loves, while the second rule is to give something that the receiver uses and remembers you. Therefore, you have to apply these golden rules while gifting to your writer friend. What do writers love? Writers love to write! Therefore, you must choose gifts that help writers to write. Like items from Parker. Keeping in mind, here are the top five gift ideas for your writer friend. 

Buy something anyone would like

There are some things in this world that almost everyone likes. Think of high-quality pens. Who doesn’t like or use pens? We can’t think of anyone. High-quality pens are not only very useful, but also very great looking. Wrap the box with some beautiful gift paper and ribbon, and you have the perfect gift.

Do you want to make it a tad more personal? Let someone put down an inscription for you. Think of the name of your loved ones or an inspiring quote. No way, they’ll ever lose their pen again.

Writers love to carry their pen around because they have to immediately write something of interest related to their writing. However, carrying their pen safely is not an easy task. Therefore, your writer friends would love a pen pouch that can help them to carry their pen safely with style. Furthermore, your friend will always remember you whenever he will take out his pen from his pen pouch. So, go ahead, and give your friend a pen pouch or look at the second option. 

There is a finish line for every race. Everything that starts has to end. The same is the case with the ink of a pen. It ends! Sometimes at the wrong moment! Therefore, a gift of an ink bottle or Montblanc starwalker ballpoint refill can save the day of your writer friend. So, choose the top-quality ink bottle for your writer friend as your next gift. Your friend will remember you whenever he will refill his pen with ink. 

Just ask them

There’s no shame in just asking what they would like. In fact, some people prefer it over any other gift. If you can’t think of any gift and the person does in fact have anything you can think of, then just ask. If you aren’t sure of yourself, you can always give some money. But do this in a creative way. Put the money in a handwritten letter or hide it in a self-made box. This way, you’ll show you have definitely put your effort and time in finding the perfect gift. When it didn’t work, you did take time to make something creative. When you give something from your heart, the message is always good.

It doesn’t need to be expensive

Not enough money to buy your loved ones an expensive present? No need to worry. A birthday isn’t about getting the most expensive gifts. It’s about celebrating with the people you love. Getting gifts is only a bonus. But when it’s given from your heart, it will always hit his target. A birthday gift doesn’t need to be expensive. Just some flowers or something self-made is enough. Make sure you let them know that you have put a lot of effort in their present. This is more important than anything else.

What does your loved one need?

Ask yourself the question of what your loved one’s will need. Listen carefully to them in the days and weeks leading up to their birthday. Maybe they will give unexpected hints about presents they can definitely need. Has she broken her mirror? Buy a new one. Is he in need of some new books? Buy one. This way, you’ll definitely know that your present will hit its target. Just by buying what your loved ones really need.

Writing Cases 

Writers have a secret need that other people don’t know! They always need a writing case while they are traveling. Writing case is usually a very simple yet beautiful writing notepad fixed in a stunning case. This case supports the notepad while writing during travel. Writers need it because they are afraid to travel with their original writing papers. After all, there is a chance of losing papers. However, a writing case helps them to write on a notepad while traveling. Later on, writers shift their work to a proper notebook. So, you must give your writer friend a writing case as a gift. 


In conclusion, writers are unique, and their choice is unique. Therefore, give them something that they love and admire. Furthermore, your gift must help them to remember you whenever they use it. So, give them something that they use all the time. Hence, choose from the above four and give your writer friend the ultimate surprise of joy. Additionally you can check Peter and Paul’s Gifts for more amazing gift ideas.