How to become a good programmer in java Language

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Java is an object-oriented and popular programming language that is very stable and mainly used to build large enterprise-class applications. It is also considered a general-purpose programming language designed to allow the developers to write once and operate anywhere (WORA), which means that Java code can run on any platform that holds Java without recompilation.

These days, Java is a much-demanded language that is prominently seen in web or mobile applications, and the demand for Java programmers is increasing day by day. They are being recruited largely in the IT sector. To become a good programmer, you really need to take care of the various programming concepts like data structure, designing using OOP, multi-threading, Algorithms, and others. Here in this article, we have suggested the best tips that help you to be an outstanding programmer.

Understand the Java Basics 

Understanding basics is the most important for further building your programming skills. Therefore, you need to find a good reference for knowledge, such as consult your tutor, watch online videos, and check some online blogs to strengthen your basics. Instead of fumbling with something you don’t get, seek help and get the logic behind it. Take your time, don’t think about getting everything at once, try to do it slowly in the beginning and then steadily. It would help if you go through these points; it will help you to improve your programming skill such as:-

  • Java 8
  • Spring Framework (Spring Boot)
  • Kotlin
  • Microservices
  • Learn Your IDE Better
  • Unit Testing
  • APIs and Libraries
  • JVM’s Internals
  • Design Patterns
  • DevOps Tools

Read Open-Source Frameworks Source Code

A good developer should know the way to use a framework. They need to analyze the source code of several popular frameworks that help you understand the framework’s internal working mechanism. Effectively using frameworks helps you a lot.


Read Documentation and Subscribe to forums

When you are working on new technology, the first and foremost thing to do is read the documentation and subscribe to relevant technology forums. It helps you to keep updated about the latest Java technologies. Moreover, you will get extensive knowledge by reading other people’s views, So continue reading about it, and share your experience with others. It will develop your interest in the field. Also, Make a habit of studying lots of documentation. Reading the documents helps you build the infrastructure based on your program.

Keep Coding

To be a good developer, always try to perform what you are learning and practice the programming language online or offline as much as possible because it helps you to be more confident. You should be consistent, make targets, and try to reach them within time. 

Things look easier when reading about them theoretically. But a student will realize the depth of the problem when they practically perform their approach. It helps you to understand the language barriers or design best practices while coding. So keep coding.

Know different development methodologies

A good developer must have knowledge of different kinds of methodologies like XP, SCRUM, Waterfall, Agile, etc. These days, it depends on the client for determining the development methodology. Some clients may favor Agile, and some of them are satisfied with the XP model. So having an idea on multiple methods would be a real advantage.

Have strong support and understanding of OO principles

For a Java developer, a user must have a clear understanding of object-oriented programming. If the programmer doesn’t have a strong foundation on OOPS, they can’t understand the value of an object-oriented programming language like Java. Moreover, one should know how to implement certain principles in designing a solution in an OO way. Therefore, the developer must have a better understanding of object modeling, polymorphism, inheritance, design patterns, etc.

Group Discussions And Read Books

Create a group with your mates and start discussing about problems and find solutions together. Moreover, you can also Join hubs on the internet. Group discussions advise you to perceive various views about the topic. You can understand the advantages and disadvantages of things that clear your doubts. Furthermore, Study the standard books and notes.

Undertake Projects

An excellent way to enhance your coding skills and become an outstanding programmer is working as a freelancer. It implies that you will get projects online and get paid.

Dedicate Yourself

The least and the most crucial step that every developer has is dedication. You’ll only be a good java programmer if you truly dedicate yourself to it. Don’t have a casual approach but concentrate and hold your focus on it. Follow Java tutorials by GeeksforGeeks.


To be a good programmer, you need to do a lot of hard work, continuous learning, and determination. The more you learn and practice these things likecoding, configuration, and Code review, the best programmer you will become. In this article, we have listed the best tips that will surely help you be a good programmer, and you will observe yourself doing well after some time. To know additional information about java programming you can take help with programming assignment from online programmers.